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  • ulbeano

    Angel Dust the Spider boiAngel Dust the Spider boi14 tundi tagasi
  • 3:46 what was that sound?

    Frenzy FishbowlFrenzy Fishbowl14 tundi tagasi
  • 14:36: This dude questioning how a shark can be adorable. He obviously has never watched a Gawr Gura live stream. Lol

    Cool GuyCool Guy15 tundi tagasi
  • 5:39 Well I have 8 degues... (we spell it different) AND THEY DO IT EVERY NIGHT THEY ARE SO FRICKIN CUTE AND FLUFFYYYY

    Pancake The HuskyPancake The Husky17 tundi tagasi
  • what a wonderful world to be able to live at the same time as furry cats and puppies

    Juanito GomezJuanito Gomez19 tundi tagasi
  • 6:16 you function without a brain so there is hope

    cheemcheem23 tundi tagasi
  • 2:14 they are not albino because they dont have pink eyes

    cheemcheem23 tundi tagasi
  • 2:23 actually, they arent albino, FACTS. Named after Frank , former director the Royal B.C. Museum, Victoria. The or a black that has fur due to a rare genetic trait. The not , as it typically has a brown nose and eyes

    EliseElisePäev tagasi
  • Raccoons make fun but difficult to manage pets. Owners must be very active and attentive to their pet raccoon. I had a friend when I was in elementary who lived less than a block from my house whose family had 3 raccoons. After the house fire, it was determined that the raccoons had tried mimicking their humans by placing all the silverware in the house in the microwave and turning it on. They are smart rodents with thumbs. Despite being incredibly resourceful, highly adaptive, and a menace no matter what kind of trash lid you try to fasten on your garbage bin, I sincerely doubt they'd survive Australian nature.

    RamDragon's Art StudioRamDragon's Art StudioPäev tagasi
  • Can someone make a zoo, that is dedicated to only cats. Or cat like species. Please, I need it

    Kool-aid ManKool-aid ManPäev tagasi
  • civets pronounced with an s like sivets lol

    MangoPeach 42MangoPeach 42Päev tagasi
  • Aye-aye :*stares into my soul* Me: Milord, take me Dat bushtit be lookin at me like he's pissed at people laughing at his name

    Jenny OctavioJenny OctavioPäev tagasi
  • 12:35 I've worked at a wildlife sanctuary.... like 80% of the wildlife there is baby pigeons. XD

    KitsuneNekoKitsuneNekoPäev tagasi
  • Anyone wanna huddle?

    pibe1234pibe1234Päev tagasi
  • 1:58 this is bean bat from that one Scooby Doo Meets the 3 Stooges Episode. 15:23 take a cloaser look at that snout! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhH

    Nick KurzyNick KurzyPäev tagasi
  • Spirit bears aren’t albino, it’s a different gene.

    Unnecessary JourneyUnnecessary JourneyPäev tagasi
  • Spirit bears aren't Albino

    UnicatGamesUnicatGamesPäev tagasi
  • bruh, you didn't mention which host was reading at the begining of the episode, and I confuse all thier voices so I have no fkn idea lmao

    Mathieu de BibikoffMathieu de Bibikoff2 päeva tagasi

    Joy SiguenzaJoy Siguenza2 päeva tagasi
  • The alpine parrot looks like a parrot mixed with an eagle ngl

    BobAndScampBobAndScamp2 päeva tagasi
  • 2:19 All bee nose

    Denki KaminariDenki Kaminari2 päeva tagasi
  • Those bears aren't albino though! They still have a lot of the pigments that normal bears do they just got light fur

    Demonics IncDemonics Inc2 päeva tagasi
  • 9:12 Dog's mouths are actually way cleaner than human mouths so you're more likely to get an infection from a human licking your face

    Floof FloofboiFloof Floofboi2 päeva tagasi
  • 1:40 master has given Dobby a sock

    Lazy And IDGAFLazy And IDGAF3 päeva tagasi
  • I wanna hug a miniature cow 😍

    Fi FiFi Fi3 päeva tagasi

      Fi FiFi Fi3 päeva tagasi
  • I've never seen an albino bear that was beautiful

    Fi FiFi Fi3 päeva tagasi
  • I wonder if women tried using those snail eggs as dildos

    Ark royal the loliconArk royal the lolicon3 päeva tagasi
  • hold on while i drag everything through the fucking mud. let me just drag on every thing i have to react to.

    Damien SilevenDamien Sileven3 päeva tagasi
  • *newt yoga*

    a random persona random person3 päeva tagasi
  • worm

    Worm on A stringWorm on A string3 päeva tagasi
  • my mom raised two tiny birbs and oh god I never knew baby birds are so ugly xD They grew up to be little cuties though

    Kiwi MiwiKiwi Miwi3 päeva tagasi
  • I misread "echolocate" as "e-chocolate"

    Kiwi MiwiKiwi Miwi3 päeva tagasi
  • From the calling a blonde bear albino and giggling at a bushtit, I can see that this man is in fact, not older than 10.

    MiotaLeeMiotaLee4 päeva tagasi
  • idk if anyone else has said this, but Spirit Bears arent albino. Their body is normal color, only the fur isnt. (Yes you couldnt tell an albino black bear easily as the fur will be the same color most likely)

    Avengers AssembleAvengers Assemble4 päeva tagasi
  • the only cool animal fact i know is that a binturongs pee smells like buttered popcorn

    Tye kTye k4 päeva tagasi
  • 10:08 hey at least god didn't choose to copy the warden instead

    GG GamerGG Gamer4 päeva tagasi
  • Let me make your heart race? More like let me make your heart *stop*

    A WendigoA Wendigo5 päeva tagasi
  • The basin pygmy rabbit sadly doesn't have rainbow ears. They were just colored on that one to either distinguish it or for some sort of test.... I thought they had rainbow ears as a kid too....;--;

    øØGalaxy Studio!ØøøØGalaxy Studio!Øø5 päeva tagasi
  • 15:45 their terrifying at night

    Brogan A. FitzgeraldBrogan A. Fitzgerald5 päeva tagasi
  • The spirit bear is not albino, the skin under the fur is still black where as on albino animals it would be pink. The spirit bear is only found in one part of the world and does not span the entire black bear territory. They are NOT albino.

    Kiki BlueKiki Blue5 päeva tagasi
  • spirt bear part, they arent truly albino they just have a white hair gene

    Rhys LeeRhys Lee5 päeva tagasi
  • #monkeycat

    peanut uwupeanut uwu5 päeva tagasi
  • al-bee-no? I thought it was al-by-no.............

    DeathknightDNDeathknightDN6 päeva tagasi
  • Wait until he learns about the Great Tit.

    Allison LambsonAllison Lambson6 päeva tagasi
  • I think you mean r/Ahhhhhducational (idk if this is a real subreddit)

    Lemon LilyLemon Lily6 päeva tagasi
  • me: sees Wallace's giant bee my Melissophobia: I no longer want to exist in this plane of existence!

    River HeamesRiver Heames6 päeva tagasi
  • 0:28 about a month later of me watching this and there's supposed to be a payment entering my bank account and I still havent received it so, perfect timing

    PokeyDude3 GlitchezPokeyDude3 Glitchez6 päeva tagasi
  • Vyominj as boris says it says it

    Kyle CarpenterKyle Carpenter7 päeva tagasi
    • Also, no it's not because I wanted to fly a jet plane, it's because it said in it's mind "HEY LETS GO INTO THIS GIANT MEAT SHREDDER, SEEMS LIKE A REASONABLE THING TO DO"

      Kyle CarpenterKyle Carpenter7 päeva tagasi
  • "Let me make your heart race" And then stop.

    toomuchauroratoomuchaurora7 päeva tagasi
  • Salmon sharks are adorable because they’re basically great whites but small enough to be pets

    The JhoThe Jho7 päeva tagasi
  • 7:15 this is what ppl that hate cats think about them

    coberleyclancoberleyclan7 päeva tagasi
  • I had degus’s before, I loved them...

    DragonLandDragonLand7 päeva tagasi
  • Closer to "Mmmm let me make your heart stop." Edit: Just because they are blonde does not mean that they are albino, thats like calling every blond person you see white.

    W I Z A R DW I Z A R D7 päeva tagasi
  • al b e a n o

    shimbashimba8 päeva tagasi
  • I live in British Columbia and am offended that you call our spirit beats albino. They just have a different pigment than normal bears

    Lonebrolemento AyLonebrolemento Ay8 päeva tagasi
  • you see this ant? im gonna name it fiejfiufonwiMIEHJIFM2EIUEHFIJDKNUQH because its such a good name and everybody can say it

    lego stuff makerlego stuff maker9 päeva tagasi
  • Death newt " I can take your breath away" pose

    Michael De santaMichael De santa9 päeva tagasi
  • why do these descriptions sound like pokedex entries?

    Duane BarnesDuane Barnes10 päeva tagasi
  • 2:17 But that's the thing, they aren't actually albino, they have a gene that makes their color change white, and that gene that makes them white is what makes their children white too.

    CatVorTexCatVorTex11 päeva tagasi
  • me: *looks at word Sylvatic in **6:37** 3,000,000,000,000 times* also me: "IT'S THE SLOVAC'S FAULT!" 7:32 my brain: did he just say 90- No no, he's got a point.

    AriestarsAriestars12 päeva tagasi
  • 10:10

    Belle ForsterBelle Forster12 päeva tagasi
  • Is anyone going to tell Jack the keas kill sheep by digging into the sheep’s back and literally ripping pieces away?

    Makayla LadnerMakayla Ladner13 päeva tagasi

    Aimee lé gooseAimee lé goose13 päeva tagasi
  • MOCY

    Aimee lé gooseAimee lé goose13 päeva tagasi
  • Once i saw a dead fox laying on the side of the road

    Aimee lé gooseAimee lé goose13 päeva tagasi
  • 🥞CAT

    Aimee lé gooseAimee lé goose13 päeva tagasi
  • 🍎🐌

    Aimee lé gooseAimee lé goose13 päeva tagasi

    Aimee lé gooseAimee lé goose13 päeva tagasi

    Aimee lé gooseAimee lé goose13 päeva tagasi
  • FATZ

    Aimee lé gooseAimee lé goose13 päeva tagasi
  • At 5:18 it says he’s having a stroke!

    Thomas BlauveltThomas Blauvelt14 päeva tagasi
  • The Karmode is not an albino black bare. Albino black bare look rather different. The Karmode is a genetic imperfection that causes the fur to turn blond instead of black, keeping their nose dark and their eyes dark as well. Albino black bear would have much lighter fur, pink eyes and a pink nose.

    Star FinderStar Finder14 päeva tagasi
  • 3:48 they should just call it the egg bird or the circle bird or the round bird Like=egg bird Comment=circle bird Dislike=round bird

    Fiona Kay ReidFiona Kay Reid14 päeva tagasi
  • #monkeycat

    Love cats and dogs OwOLove cats and dogs OwO15 päeva tagasi
  • Monkey cat looks more likea boa cat.

    Eric TanEric Tan15 päeva tagasi
  • edgycational

    Cass MorrisCass Morris16 päeva tagasi
  • My phone died from how ugly the baby pigeon was

    Luke769 AnimationsLuke769 Animations16 päeva tagasi
  • Fun fact! SPIRIT BEARS ARE *NOT* ALBINO! They do not have white skin or red eyes, only the fur is white

    Luke769 AnimationsLuke769 Animations16 päeva tagasi
  • I haven't heard of hachiko since the world ends with you.

    Zombie KoroZombie Koro17 päeva tagasi
  • Akita: brush out 2 grocery bags of fur two (or more) times a year... and be amazed that there's still more fur. I know, I owned one.

    pearldolphin20pearldolphin2017 päeva tagasi
  • Me hearing him talking about the Great Danes while watching my Great Dane outside playing in the snow

    Seth JavorskySeth Javorsky17 päeva tagasi
  • The banded linsang looks as if God stared at a gecko, and thought "But what if it were a mammal?"

    UmpteenthReasonUmpteenthReason18 päeva tagasi
  • "flat headed cat-" me: only person ive ever met with a flat headed cat fursona: SCREAMS

    Cat TatmanCat Tatman19 päeva tagasi
  • 16:38 once my family travelled to see my gandma and we accidentaly brought one of these on my dad's suitcase ;-;

    Nicky NekoonNicky Nekoon19 päeva tagasi
  • the bushtit is just an oval with legs

    Allysan M.Allysan M.19 päeva tagasi
  • I share the same feeling about dogs licking peoples faces

    Alticiae KelleyAlticiae Kelley19 päeva tagasi
  • Baby octopi Lexi hmmm im suddenly craving sushi me no

    Anthony RaymondAnthony Raymond19 päeva tagasi
  • Albino animals have red eyes

    Anthony RaymondAnthony Raymond19 päeva tagasi
  • 11:55 Jack : " suddenly craving sushi" me (and maybe other people) : "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (slight laughing)"

    Jamber_WolfJamber_Wolf20 päeva tagasi
  • Kea’s are native to New Zealand so, sorry you can’t have one

    Lazy_LappyLazy_Lappy21 päev tagasi
  • „A little spray paint never hurt a parrot“

    die Falafeldie Falafel21 päev tagasi
  • Kermode= Caramel.

    Stormflame DawnlightStormflame Dawnlight22 päeva tagasi

    Drake HeathDrake Heath22 päeva tagasi
  • you are laughing about a birb called bushtit but your not laughing about a birb called the blue footed booby

    Mr ShrempMr Shremp22 päeva tagasi
  • 7:30 why did he say 90%

    Shadow Thestra9274Shadow Thestra927423 päeva tagasi
  • images.app.goo.gl/mXCXUoDX79MHv6VE6 The Newfoundland breed of dog usually grows to weigh 250-300 lbs and are known for being instinctively trustworthy and nice earning them the name "gentle giants" these dogs are often used for (commonly water) rescue missions on account of being large enough and gentle enough to do the rescue and comfort the people/person if distressed

    Funny Minecraft ManFunny Minecraft Man23 päeva tagasi
  • 10:57 looks like someone played spore on the area 51 computer

    Miranda VentolaMiranda Ventola23 päeva tagasi
  • Emkay:hello baby Octopus: happy Emkay:I crave sushi Octopus:oh motherfuccc

    Shan Demon11Shan Demon1123 päeva tagasi
  • When I step on beyblade: eh not that bad When my brother steps on beyblade: *pause it as **17:35*

    Mr, fuzMr, fuz23 päeva tagasi
  • At 1.39 i looked up and seed this

    Cinder McdonaldCinder Mcdonald23 päeva tagasi