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24 dets 2020
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  • That fan art is actually really cool!

    AIKISBESTAIKISBEST2 tundi tagasi
  • if you notice your youtubes progress bar is red! *me, who typed awesome into the video to make it rainbows*

  • 12:28 I am pretty sure it is related to PUBG's "Winner winner chicken dinner" you get after victory. Due to phones overheating while playing PUBG internal temperature sensors lower "tell" the CPU to reduce clock speed in order not to fry internal components. By cooling your phone down you can technically stay at the same clock speed whole game.

    ShadowShadow2 päeva tagasi
  • "Eating Chicken" is a direct translation of a Chinese slang meaning playing PUBG. It's a cellphone water cooler for playing PUBG.

    KevinFKevinF6 päeva tagasi
  • I yes. I remember my adolescent years when I was just Anne Frank Milly rockin' all throughout my teenage years.

    Swindle 96Swindle 967 päeva tagasi

    KuuttiTheCreator YTKuuttiTheCreator YT7 päeva tagasi
  • sooo ... Why did the editor zoom in on the wrong triangle at 12:08? He says double triangle then it zooms on the single triangle. Just saying.

    Nick KIbiNick KIbi8 päeva tagasi
  • Not sure if anyone has mentioned yet, but the triangle body shape is for people who have wide hips but not broad shoulders or large top. Often also called a pear shape. Sincerely, a (technically) third year apparel technology student.

    Brandy HooperBrandy Hooper12 päeva tagasi
  • 12:55 as a geography nerd this hurt my eyes

    seal boyseal boy12 päeva tagasi
  • at 3:16 its if you can't find the SUNSHINE be the SUNSHINE

    lizzy aftonlizzy afton13 päeva tagasi
  • 7:33 this makes sense at Waffle House tho. The normal lights are over the bar area and the two offset ones are where you pay for your meal

    Officer GregOfficer Greg13 päeva tagasi
  • 4:28 Graphic design is my passion!

    Caiti ♡Caiti ♡16 päeva tagasi
  • 10:50 LMAO

    NotAshNotAsh17 päeva tagasi
  • 4:41 "England" yeah cus thats what that is

    Luca RooLuca Roo17 päeva tagasi
  • 2:04 Ye Just Books 4:35 E

    Nakano JotaroNakano Jotaro18 päeva tagasi
  • 03:33 it is supposed to be rainbow six siege

    Frizoy1011 FarizFrizoy1011 Fariz19 päeva tagasi
  • 6:09 actually vice city You Tried

    DaleSmith2006DaleSmith200619 päeva tagasi
  • And no one is gonna talk about the game on 6:06? It is not gta 3, its vice city

    Bel 4 VelBel 4 Vel20 päeva tagasi
  • 11:36 German signs dude... love them here 😂

    TabeaTabea20 päeva tagasi

    Unigam3r YTUnigam3r YT21 päev tagasi
  • Start graphics Designer what was the problem with that one?

    Retak3king GamingRetak3king Gaming21 päev tagasi
  • 2:50 if I hear someone pronounce Lithuania like that one more time imma murder them I swear

    Matas BabarskasMatas Babarskas21 päev tagasi
  • 6:45 Fleshlight

    BlueInRealm65BlueInRealm6523 päeva tagasi
  • 2:35 Reincarnation

    BlueInRealm65BlueInRealm6523 päeva tagasi
  • I got a reddit ad in this video

    Briney HeroBriney Hero24 päeva tagasi
  • That's was vice city not gta3

    ChappersJohnChappersJohn25 päeva tagasi
  • Ohhhhh..... eeworld.info/chat/06Sbn2pvrIXGxdQ/video

    HowaboutyoulookitupHowaboutyoulookitup27 päeva tagasi
  • 2:19 wtf am I looking at? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The Dark GamerThe Dark Gamer27 päeva tagasi
  • Are we ignoring the fact that the X axies of the minimum wages chart is labeled "Number of Times"?

    MabusMabus27 päeva tagasi
  • Ohhhhh eating chicken is easier -> chicken dinner -> it's a water cooler for playing games more effectively, such as pubg. I'll give them a 3/10 for translation, at least I got the idea eventually

    KiryienkaKiryienka27 päeva tagasi
  • at 4:50 what if 2 people (males) jumped from each side at the same time what would be the outcome?

    superfeast20superfeast2027 päeva tagasi
  • I’ve been to Rotterdam :)

    Yeet Boi69Yeet Boi6927 päeva tagasi
  • 9:58 ya I live in brazil and that $R200 is such a crappy design like man it's the same size as the $R20 so all the blind people don't know if it's a $R20 or $R200

    Spring GamesSpring Games27 päeva tagasi
  • I have autism and I hate bright colors so all my room accessories are slightly faded

    Charli O’Charli O’28 päeva tagasi
  • 3:45 thats a mongolian Produkt aus you can See the flag above the bar code

    Anand Otgon-UrelAnand Otgon-Urel28 päeva tagasi
  • That's not grand theft auto 3, that's vice city

    KaseNash59KaseNash5928 päeva tagasi
  • His name is Beelzebub

    KaseNash59KaseNash5928 päeva tagasi
  • Kono Dio da

    ToniToni28 päeva tagasi
  • 3:32 I am burn to death whoever made that

    Tomas GiamporcaroTomas Giamporcaro28 päeva tagasi
  • me it says 3 seconds wait its old :(

    The DesignboiThe Designboi28 päeva tagasi
  • 7:03 STANDO POWAH !

    Artur Nicácio de AndradeArtur Nicácio de Andrade28 päeva tagasi
  • 11:42 Thats why „so much“ people vote for the spd

    Nevada_Tan2004Nevada_Tan200429 päeva tagasi
  • At 10:43 the stairs look like that trap from Jumanji into the jungle.

    Aurastar WarriorAurastar Warrior29 päeva tagasi
  • Wow I saw Mongolia flag

    Khanuul WowKhanuul Wow29 päeva tagasi
  • 7:56 me and the boys sacrificing each other at 3am be like

    gamperty789gamperty78929 päeva tagasi
  • 5:11 👁👄👁 : Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary

    mohamed elsheikhmohamed elsheikh29 päeva tagasi

    mohamed elsheikhmohamed elsheikh29 päeva tagasi
  • 12:29 the picture is a phone water cooling thing

    Wv44Wv4429 päeva tagasi
  • 7:22 A Hope More powerful than poverty

    Wv44Wv4429 päeva tagasi
  • 4:37 England ?

    Dimitris MavrigosDimitris Mavrigos29 päeva tagasi
  • "easier to eat chicken" poor translation of "winner winner chicken dinner," which i think was popular in fortnite once

    Ashe DCPAAshe DCPA29 päeva tagasi
  • Instructions unclear i disliked the video

    WolfyGirl2077WolfyGirl207729 päeva tagasi
  • The Yoda plush at the end looks like somebody instead wanted to do Herbert the Pervert

    jacob lansmanjacob lansman29 päeva tagasi
  • 10:12 That playground is at the elementary school my sis goes to..

    Lynn-chanLynn-chan29 päeva tagasi
  • 12:31 - liquid cooling for your phone. Something about your phone getting hot enough to cook chicken?

    Mitchell CochranMitchell Cochran29 päeva tagasi
  • 9:04 They knew what they were doing 10:50 And so did they

    Boz KolBoz Kol29 päeva tagasi
  • That's not 90 degrees!

    Andreas la RoiAndreas la Roi29 päeva tagasi
  • I have yet to see a Oklahoman have an accent also we can’t tell if where northern or southern

    What Am I Doing TodayWhat Am I Doing Today29 päeva tagasi
  • 6:51 who else expected a daadundundun at the end because it's similar to the mii maker theme

    ImbopamImbopamМісяць tagasi
  • why does autism need awareness? I think of it as just a unique thing to do with someone, like the colour of their hair, not a bad thing

    ImbopamImbopamМісяць tagasi

    Becca SmithBecca SmithМісяць tagasi
  • 10:47 I believe those are like that for people or teens more likely, who sit on the stairs and socialize with their friends. This allows them to use part of the stairs for sitting while keeping the main stairs clear.

    Miss LissyMiss LissyМісяць tagasi
  • At the beginning there a 4 toes

    Pie CatPie CatМісяць tagasi
  • eeworld.info/chat/xYanZ6lwkJq7xLY/video there you go

    Ian charles ReyesIan charles ReyesМісяць tagasi
  • end bga mongolchuud like daraarai ene arai2 3:40

    MoonwwalkerMoonwwalkerМісяць tagasi
  • 7:12 the together is a different font so it’s meant to say stand together be together learn together begin together

    RuberineRuberineМісяць tagasi
  • *So You Can Sit But Also No But Then Yes*

    Robriel KingRobriel KingМісяць tagasi
  • The Port Isaac one is definitely intentional

    Green GhostGreen GhostМісяць tagasi
  • 11:37 . Big mouth vibes

    K FK FМісяць tagasi
  • D E S I G N S L I K E T H E S E A R E T H E W O R S T .

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4everМісяць tagasi
  • The minimum wage chart is not crappy design. It shows that European countries and Taiwan started with the same wage, but European countries have seen wage increases while Taiwan hasn’t. There is a reason Taiwan is noticeably red. That chart would be good evidence for political or economic change. Edit: 2:59

    mitchy da kidmitchy da kidМісяць tagasi
  • 9:18 this give me FactorIO flashback

    Omeka 88Omeka 88Місяць tagasi
  • Who put these rats in my ravioli? I didn’t order ratvioli

    sam xdsam xdМісяць tagasi
  • 7:21 A hope more powerful than poverty That’s what I got It still makes no sense

    K1-B0K1-B0Місяць tagasi
  • Sorry for criticizing but you can go through those bariers as there is a gap, the were made so VEHICLES can't pass.

    Sand TwogoSand TwogoМісяць tagasi
  • 12:31 that’s machine translated from Chinese Eating chicken refers to PUBG games (winner winner chicken dinner) The smaller text might have been something like “手机不卡,王者、吃鸡更简单” which if translated properly, could be “The phone no longer lags, making playing King’s Glory(a Chinese mobile game) and Pubg easier ”

    PTRRRPTRRRМісяць tagasi
  • happy new year jack from quite old aussie, ( i suspect my children are older than you). however i have a question, i generally only eat out at counter meals or take away (fish & chips), you seem to be knowledgeable about usa culture, i know here in aus, fast food outlets are growing, but do usa really have dozens of take-aways and septics would rather eat out or buy take away than rather home cook? i guess i'm stereo-typing so you can call me outas a drongo, but just curious.( i'm sure plenty home cook)

    Pamela DykePamela DykeМісяць tagasi
  • Those things at 0:48 arent meant to stop kids from racing? but from scooters/bikes/cars to go through? That is at least what they are meant for here.

    bibbobellabibbobellaМісяць tagasi
  • One guy is playing GTA3' the other is his dumb friend who has been conned into thinking he is helping

    Ian moseleyIan moseleyМісяць tagasi
  • The railings will force cyclists onto the grass path, which takes them out of the way of pedestrians

    Ian moseleyIan moseleyМісяць tagasi
  • 3:43 a really big fucking sue coming right up

    Who KnowsWho KnowsМісяць tagasi
  • aeae Wait its Vice City 6:19

    Aayush LamichhaneAayush LamichhaneМісяць tagasi
  • 7:19 that says a hope more powerful than poverty.

    Campbell PeadCampbell PeadМісяць tagasi
  • Jack needs to do more vids

    666 LØ666 LØМісяць tagasi
  • 10:00 eeeeeee brasil

    Trenzin MalokeruTrenzin MalokeruМісяць tagasi
  • 0:48 those are for cars which make even less sense

    Unknowned LeafUnknowned LeafМісяць tagasi
  • 8:00 the person in the middle is part of a cult 11:0 i can read some of it two tho us and twenty review

    BluezYTBluezYTМісяць tagasi
  • no, companies still make mistakes because they don't know a damn about video games. Literally 2 years ago I was in a communication class in college and the newest edition of the book had a sentence talking about 2 kids playing "the newest legend of zelda game on their xbox"

    Sharbanu AmbontaiSharbanu AmbontaiМісяць tagasi
  • Ok 11:05 it a display store

    Pyro Soul gamingPyro Soul gamingМісяць tagasi
  • Uh pretty sure that thumbnail is to stop bikes

    Cho GCho GМісяць tagasi
  • 0:50 He was just trying to mess with the AI's pathing I don't know what you mean...

    TTV Ac3 CactusTTV Ac3 CactusМісяць tagasi
  • Did gta3 have multiplayer elements like San Andreas maybe?

    Steven WhislerSteven WhislerМісяць tagasi
  • merry SASTAMACRI guys!!

    leirad villanleirad villanМісяць tagasi
  • 11:55 that's actually a quarter of what they were promising: 360° × ¼ = 90° or 360° ÷ 4 = 90°

    MotzeyMotzeyМісяць tagasi
  • 9:07 KING CRIMSON!?!

    Ansel GAnsel GМісяць tagasi
  • The path in the screenshot is made by bikes. The things blocking the path are meant to stop them. It's not mean to stop people.

    Charlie ZelenowskiCharlie ZelenowskiМісяць tagasi
  • Dang, I have that same camping pots at 6:25... "Time for a refund?"

    Dulina RubasinghegeDulina RubasinghegeМісяць tagasi
  • 6:12 that’s not gta3 the gta vice city

    Miller 5458Miller 5458Місяць tagasi
  • In one of these videos the intro should spell out crappy/design or crap/pydesign or cr/appydesign it anything else to a similar effect.

    PlumpRodent729PlumpRodent729Місяць tagasi
  • 5:10 Bonemarrow babies be like:

    Tobias RobinsonTobias RobinsonМісяць tagasi