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31 dets 2020
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  • Something inappropriate is said. The editor: Blubb

    MaxiephlyMaxiephlyPäev tagasi
  • Yet they never realized that they missed a swear word at 15 minutes

    Jedistarkill126Jedistarkill1265 päeva tagasi
  • Chick that uses the term "china virus" please use my face as a stool

    LateNightRewritesLateNightRewrites6 päeva tagasi
  • New voiceover guy is 1/2 America's Funniest Home Videos circa 2006 and 1/2 legit funny. The cognitive dissonance is disturbing me

    LateNightRewritesLateNightRewrites6 päeva tagasi
  • "Foliage Father" and "Botany Bitch" Noice.

    Pantheon of CalamityPantheon of Calamity6 päeva tagasi
  • “I have a Lego Death Star”

    Tyson CurtisTyson Curtis6 päeva tagasi
  • Emkay:Thats like naming your daughter EVION Me: B- THEY NAMED ME AFTER A HOTEL IN IOWA! SHERIDAN- aaaaaaaaaaa

    Jeff The Killer :3Jeff The Killer :37 päeva tagasi
  • If someone even mentions the word Trump and doesn't say "is a joke" immediately after, run. Run as fast as you can to wherever you think is safe.

    Kirseu 64Kirseu 649 päeva tagasi
  • Wait, is your name ACTUALLY Christopher Robin, or is that just a self-deprecating joke about your name because nobody would shut up about it?

    LinguaPhiliaxLinguaPhiliax10 päeva tagasi
    • I'm pretty sure it is his actual legal name because he's said so multiple times. But who knows, he could just be very good at hiding his name at this point lol.

      Katie LucasKatie Lucas9 päeva tagasi
  • 4:02 took me a second to get the joke because I haven't watched death note but that was clean

    Nerd GamesNerd Games13 päeva tagasi
  • When i grow up i hope i will be 6.9 feet tall

    Purple guyPurple guy15 päeva tagasi
  • 3:36 Industrial Engineer from West Virginia University

    CatCat15 päeva tagasi
  • 😂

    FireStoM _AUTFireStoM _AUT16 päeva tagasi
  • Oh yeah, a pandemic sure exists, because my father died from lung infection, that he got wearing masks all day.

    Petko FuchalksiPetko Fuchalksi16 päeva tagasi
  • "They never except the spanish inquisition, they cant except that they are real"

    The Tectonic CruzaderThe Tectonic Cruzader17 päeva tagasi
  • 18:45, why did I think duck? Like, my brain pictured it and all.

    Dankness InformedDankness Informed19 päeva tagasi
  • Dudes, y'all missing the boat. No one is on Tinder to get married. No matter what you believe pandemic/scamdemic trump/biden, if she believes the opposite, you know she's prone to making bad decisions. You can be that bad decision.

    Kacey KaceKacey Kace19 päeva tagasi
  • I remember me buying tinder when I was 9 and cat fishing boys, ah the fun days

    Kas YandereKas Yandere19 päeva tagasi
  • When you are 5.9 feet tall: *one more*

    -Alx Games- OFICIAL-Alx Games- OFICIAL19 päeva tagasi
  • love this vidoes

    William MarcumWilliam Marcum20 päeva tagasi
  • "Make mine Botany Bitch" had me fucking creased lmfao.

    Conor McAlpineConor McAlpine20 päeva tagasi
  • The convo at 12:00 is a complete fake lol..

    FlyinRaptorJesusFlyinRaptorJesus20 päeva tagasi
  • Adam, 20, Male. Just looking for someone to teach me roller skating. I think it would be a lot of fun and I could fulfill my dream of talking to someone while doing circles around them.

    Adam XeiAdam Xei20 päeva tagasi
  • There is another China...?

    Hong MeilingHong Meiling20 päeva tagasi
  • Met my boyfriend of one year on tinder. Best decision I ever made. 🥺

    samsam20 päeva tagasi
  • Still looking for that train meme, if anyone has the link hmu

    ToonLigerToonLiger20 päeva tagasi
  • This is why I stick to talking to the gummy worm on my bath tub wall

    Moldy CheeseMoldy Cheese20 päeva tagasi
  • "kiss me if I'm wrong,but dinosaurs still exist,right?" Technically,since birds are part of the dinosauria group,yes,they do still exist

    Dominik LehnDominik Lehn21 päev tagasi
  • "b-b- but the pandemic really is fake"

    Commando DroidCommando Droid21 päev tagasi
  • Yo it’s 2021 OR IS IT!

    Plasma90Plasma9021 päev tagasi
  • I met my boyfriend on tinder, one year and still going strong 💪

    Demi KlaassenDemi Klaassen21 päev tagasi
  • Why do people think height is a personality trait?

    Dave StevensDave Stevens21 päev tagasi
  • I always thought Tinder was an app for firestarting ideas.

    Brad MillerBrad Miller21 päev tagasi
  • Czech pogchamp

    Pepa BepixPepa Bepix22 päeva tagasi
  • the "you too" literally gave me the mental image of his soul trying to escape his rolls

    Rose's Zen GardenRose's Zen Garden22 päeva tagasi
  • Thumbnail be like : m’lady , my fedora and I will not let you down again . Forgive me.

    weaselwooweaselwoo22 päeva tagasi
  • 9:25 made me like the vid hahahaha

    hemp seedhemp seed22 päeva tagasi
  • Guy reminds me of the crab dude from beyblade in like 2010

    T.W. VideosT.W. Videos22 päeva tagasi
  • can this comment section be just memes LETS SEE IF WE CAN DO IT

    Zarek ZadorZarek Zador22 päeva tagasi
  • Is your name Christopher Robin too??? God mothafucking damn! I got Winnie the Pooh tattooed on my arm because of it 😂

    StixStix22 päeva tagasi
  • Started out funny, then went down the political shithole. Down vote because I'm fucking sick of hearing about it everywhere I look.

    Jim DandyJim Dandy22 päeva tagasi
  • Robin, I appreciate you!!

    왜왜왜왜22 päeva tagasi
  • 17:58 shit, I felt that

    Chimera404 _Chimera404 _22 päeva tagasi
  • Where does Kevin get his science?

    The RedThe Red22 päeva tagasi
  • Happy new year from hell!

    Maniae MagnaManiae Magna22 päeva tagasi
  • 8:27 hurt me man

    Kevin.The.Weirdo.Kevin.The.Weirdo.22 päeva tagasi
  • Masks are bullshit.

    Nicholas O'haraNicholas O'hara22 päeva tagasi
  • I mean... Kevin isn't entirely wrong

    Ethan SmithEthan Smith22 päeva tagasi
  • Any boy wanna date me?

    AngelicAngelic23 päeva tagasi
  • 8:32 Don’t worry Robin, I’ve got your back in the fight against Kevin! And I’ll bring my two friends Marv and Harry.

    Alexander SmallAlexander Small23 päeva tagasi
  • 10:47 to many...

    VokiiVokii23 päeva tagasi
  • A moustache like mine 😂😂

    Jonathan ComstockJonathan Comstock23 päeva tagasi
  • From 11:35 The YIKES nearly killed me lmao

    Esecyl 94Esecyl 9423 päeva tagasi
  • 4:09 when she says it like that. She either wants to be his wife, or his sister.

    CloudCartoonsCloudCartoons23 päeva tagasi
  • Me: Nice tits Her: Thanks, you too Me: Thanks, nobody has ever complimented me Her: You're welcome

    LOGAN LADELOGAN LADE23 päeva tagasi
  • I watch EmKay, and I may have a slight preference for Robin. Good thing they;re *l i t e r a l l y e v e r y w h e r e*

    someaceashessomeaceashes23 päeva tagasi
  • The dude Kevin not Karen hmmm he acts like a Karen

    Luke ButlerLuke Butler23 päeva tagasi
  • I just got an Tinder ad after the video lol

    -GachaTommy--GachaTommy-23 päeva tagasi
  • Kevin was right. He never lied.

    hi hihi hi23 päeva tagasi
  • The thumbnail looks like one of my ex’s. (I had very low self esteem lol

    Shana LawsonShana Lawson23 päeva tagasi
  • whats wrong with rick and morty shirts im waring one right now

    Mc FleuryMc Fleury23 päeva tagasi
  • Why robin sound like the main man Damian

    eric st-cyreric st-cyr23 päeva tagasi
  • Im feeling awkward for meeting my person on Tinder...

    Melody Joy_VMelody Joy_V23 päeva tagasi
  • Forgot robins friends with whinny the Pooh

    Mechanical WarlordMechanical Warlord23 päeva tagasi
  • I really thought Mkay had a pic of my face as the thumbnail

    Joseph O'neillJoseph O'neill23 päeva tagasi
  • One thing I live in Florida it's always either too hot too cold or too many Florida drunken man headlines

    MalabearMalabear23 päeva tagasi
  • 3:30 lol im also czech, yes, everything for the boys

    _ _ohen779_LoveS_RNG_ __ _ohen779_LoveS_RNG_ _23 päeva tagasi
  • 8:50 literally missed the perfect choking hazard opportunity what was he thinking

    Reece DonaldsonReece Donaldson23 päeva tagasi
  • My husband and I did not meet on a dating app, but we have pun wars CONSTANTLY and I love it XD these compilations refill my ammunition

    Hannah RossHannah Ross23 päeva tagasi
  • i like these sorts of videos but why the fuck do you bleep every "bad" word, its not like we have never heard them before and i dont think that you will lose followers if you dont bleep out the swear words (oh ye... 'dick' isnt even a bad word right), for the people that think this is a hate comment ... it isnt. and no i have nothing beter to do than write this comment, have a great night people XD :)

    Sam Van den BergSam Van den Berg23 päeva tagasi
  • Pandemic is real and covid 19 is dangerous for certain people with health issues, but this is definitely being used as a springboard for an agenda. "The great Reset" they have been waiting for this moment.

    azthar zazthar z24 päeva tagasi
  • these are all fake. Women dont respond on there if you dont have that youre rich in your profile or youre a complete muscular chad.

    Blips N ChipsBlips N Chips24 päeva tagasi
  • Something tells me you are on Tinder.

    Allosaurus 67Allosaurus 6724 päeva tagasi
  • Oh my god hahahaha by brothers name is Christopher Robin

    Olivia CalhounOlivia Calhoun24 päeva tagasi
  • I met my gal on tinder. Been together for 9 months now. Theres hope kings

    Upr15lng M4ndl3b4rsUpr15lng M4ndl3b4rs24 päeva tagasi
  • "it's all about the karma ladies and gents, love is dead" -Robin 2020

    Trenton ValenzuelaTrenton Valenzuela24 päeva tagasi
  • DickDash lmao 😂😭 I’ve never laughed that hard on tinder profiles. Genius

    BaeqedBaeqed24 päeva tagasi
  • Oh yes I will.

    Kevin NeelyKevin Neely24 päeva tagasi
  • Out of boredom and to prove a point I downloaded tinder. Each one of them was either you need a boob job but I will do you anyway, do you have place so we can..., So how much effort do I have to put in for.... I didn't get one funny pick up line.

    Evett CEvett C24 päeva tagasi
  • The thumbnail made me click.

    Ramby bambRamby bamb24 päeva tagasi
  • 10:02 was that a superstar reference? I love that movie! “Well at least my parents didnt name me after *bottled water* “

    Katiembb 417Katiembb 41724 päeva tagasi
  • there should be an emkay dark mode

    HAREM KINGonsmartfridgeHAREM KINGonsmartfridge24 päeva tagasi
  • Excuse me for a fckin moment, but CHRISTOPHER ROBIN? I did not expect your name have a CHRISTOPHER in it! Not like it's a bad thing just kinda surprised

    MustangPlayz V8MustangPlayz V824 päeva tagasi
  • I'll wingman for you Robin!

    Lil 00FLil 00F24 päeva tagasi
  • In Canada, two people can consent to a fist fight. It is not considered assault unless there is intentional bodily harm. Eg: Two men consented to fight outside of a bar. One man slammed the other's head into a car, knocking him unconscious. He CONTINUED pummelling the unconscious man, who later died in hospital. He was charged - and convicted of - manslaughter.

    Manners BananersManners Bananers24 päeva tagasi
  • "Make mine botany bi-" I'm laughing my ass off rn

    Tamar JirauTamar Jirau24 päeva tagasi
  • There are... Actually people who - while actively dying from covid - refuse to believe in covid. There are nurses talking about it. 😓 It's... Upsetting. 😩

    Manners BananersManners Bananers24 päeva tagasi
    • I have a kind of distant grandfather who has pneumonia and Covid and that part of my family had been refusing to believe it and take him to the hospital until a few days ago. Politics suck.

      Claire CakesClaire Cakes24 päeva tagasi
  • Lucy kinda looks like my middle school principal

    Tech-Priest ClodiusTech-Priest Clodius24 päeva tagasi
  • The division brought with politics leads me to make this statement. P o l I t i c s s u c k

    SomeGuyNamedJaySomeGuyNamedJay24 päeva tagasi
  • I don't care what a guy looks like if there funny have a good personality and respect me their boyfriend material. Honestly hot guys intimidate me cause I know they can do better

    Toasty GarbageToasty Garbage24 päeva tagasi
    • Hot guys that know that they are hot are almost always fuck boys that will cheat on you. Like there are of course many attractive men with good personalities too, but it’s more of a gamble. Safest is to pick someone who’s maybe a 7/10. They’re still good looking but not that good looking that girls will be running after them. And not good looking enough to not have developed a personality and respect for their partner 😂

      Linnaea BorealisLinnaea Borealis24 päeva tagasi
  • Day 15 of trying this trend

    Aesthetic_PamiAesthetic_Pami24 päeva tagasi
  • My ex's name is Jocelyn and she left me in 2019, 4:36 😐

    Its FluezyIts Fluezy24 päeva tagasi
  • 13:09 let's hope it's a bullet bill and not a bullseye bill.

    TheBulletBotTheBulletBot24 päeva tagasi
  • People who think this pandemic is real 😂😅👆

    Paolo WijgergangsPaolo Wijgergangs24 päeva tagasi
  • 3:02 yes I met my gf in tinder now we are living a happy life together 🥰

    TheGlitXHTheGlitXH24 päeva tagasi
    • that happened

      Hanging JontronHanging Jontron21 päev tagasi
  • Christopher Robin is a great name and I agree that if people have the idea to name their child trenda then they need to be neutered

    Callum NegrottiCallum Negrotti25 päeva tagasi
  • M

    MM25 päeva tagasi
    • M

      Daniel SaadatDaniel Saadat25 päeva tagasi
  • Cuz of one Carlos, i feel guilty now 🤦‍♂️

    Carloz CzCarloz Cz25 päeva tagasi
  • Good lord these pandemic people are just insane

    Vietnam GamerVietnam Gamer25 päeva tagasi
  • Yes we need more of this

    OdioOdio25 päeva tagasi