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  • the intro got me. That is why im not straight.

    Keltan Cribb-VanOsKeltan Cribb-VanOsPäev tagasi
  • 11:19 Dunno who this is, but HOLY FRESH HELL does that look nice on him

    POZ GamingPOZ Gaming2 päeva tagasi

    JoJo reference FinderJoJo reference Finder3 päeva tagasi
  • 8:51 haha yall suspect me but little do you know im bisexual and your only half correct

    planet 9 productionsplanet 9 productions4 päeva tagasi
  • What is lgbt? -Lettuce, gay, bacon and tomato granddad

    The SenateThe Senate4 päeva tagasi
  • Candace had the correct idea with the first post wrong on the 2nd one though

    S.A.S squadS.A.S squad5 päeva tagasi
  • 6:36 *"LIKING THE SKY IS NOT HOMOSEXUAL"* - jack 2020 my new favorite quote

    axti.exeaxti.exe5 päeva tagasi
  • roosh v's head looks like a slightly flattened, alcoholic tallnut from pvz1

    ZorxTomZorxTom6 päeva tagasi
  • That guy be rocking that dress

    Gecko GirlGecko Girl6 päeva tagasi
  • Coming from a straight person, no we are not

    sushii catsushii cat8 päeva tagasi
  • 7:34 - 7:37 made me die laughing X3

    A normal EeveeA normal Eevee8 päeva tagasi
  • "why do people get married if they hate each other" Its arranged marriage! Like my parents! :'D

    The AxolotlThe Axolotl9 päeva tagasi
  • Ok sooo... Usually all the jokes surround gays and lesbians, but I remember, when one lady legit told me to go back to church after I told her I'm asexual. Bro, I thought god said, that it's the true love that matters-

    pikagirl TLpikagirl TL9 päeva tagasi
  • Why is the other video in the playlist private?

    MetroplexMetroplex10 päeva tagasi
  • 2:59 Jack... gay tops exist, lol

    Caiti ♡Caiti ♡11 päeva tagasi
  • Trump: Who are you? Bolsonaro: I'm you, but worse

    O cara que é obcecado em Undertale/DeltaruneO cara que é obcecado em Undertale/Deltarune13 päeva tagasi
  • *"using skin care is gay"* Oh wow that's why we can't spell "stinks" without "toxic masculinity"

    uwu uwu . 20 years agouwu uwu . 20 years ago13 päeva tagasi
  • 8:45 The irony that you said this with a George Tekai voice.

    Josh BladeJosh Blade14 päeva tagasi
  • Your comments after the posts you read are some of my favorites

    Riki CRiki C16 päeva tagasi
  • Is it still bisexual if one is not sexually attracted but romantically attracted to the same sex?

    Moses ParicoMoses Parico18 päeva tagasi
  • Do people not realize that people vary in every way

    Inira EyesabellInira Eyesabell18 päeva tagasi
  • this subreddit is the epitome of "gonna cry?"

    A magic talking ice cream With a hatA magic talking ice cream With a hat18 päeva tagasi
  • 5:12 yo that is some serious shower thought right there. If lesbians are only attracted to women then why aren't their sex toys all vaginas?

    Camryn MurawskiCamryn Murawski19 päeva tagasi
  • Preach Jack.....PREACH!!

    Smarie IsMeSmarie IsMe19 päeva tagasi
  • My workplace is amazing but I have some funny stories because it's in the middle of nowhere in the Midwest. One of my male co-workers asked me what my name is and I told him "dara, or Darlene" and he said "oh...ya know it's usually dar, that's typically the correct way to shorten Darlene" It's my name dog

    jaded skyejaded skye20 päeva tagasi
  • 4:00 I think the point here was more to say that if your coffee isn't black then you're not strong enough because you need to "water it down" with cream. I really don't think it had anything to do with semen. My opinion for the probably 2 people who care: semen is fucking disgusting and I really didn't want to think about it being in some coffee.

    King of PigsKing of Pigs20 päeva tagasi
  • Hehe, us trans peeps out here completely fucking people's arguments about what makes someone gay :3

    Veyren WolfVeyren Wolf20 päeva tagasi
    • Fuck yeah we are 😎👉👉 I am now realizing that this is making me 1,000% more alone

      JoJo reference FinderJoJo reference Finder3 päeva tagasi
  • He turned to dolan 10:20

    Master SoapMaster Soap21 päev tagasi
  • If you're the only homeboy, then you are the ugliest by default That's why you gotta get a homeboy that's uglier

    Fenix MeaneyFenix Meaney21 päev tagasi
  • "pansexual people dont exist" me: HEY WAIT SPARE M- *dissapears out of existence*

    Miyu InoueMiyu Inoue21 päev tagasi
  • We aren't ok thanks for asking

    zachary bryanzachary bryan22 päeva tagasi
  • We Stan Daddy Emkay for respecting Whamen and Gays

    The Radio AngelThe Radio Angel22 päeva tagasi

    phishticcphishticc23 päeva tagasi
  • Honey (derogatory)

    kris needs rehabkris needs rehab23 päeva tagasi
  • Imma start calling homophobic's unbundle of sticks

    Zatwione DickersonZatwione Dickerson23 päeva tagasi
  • Me being straight and having just accidentally inhaled a fly: *NO WE ARE NOT*

    Scout The dogScout The dog23 päeva tagasi
  • 12:00 person 2 would get mad if they were called gay

    Henry WiegandHenry Wiegand23 päeva tagasi
  • I love the fact you covered this subreddit! Nice one jack!

    ᴅᴇᴘʀᴇssᴇᴅʙᴜᴛᴄʟᴀssʏᴅᴇᴘʀᴇssᴇᴅʙᴜᴛᴄʟᴀssʏ23 päeva tagasi
  • 3:25 Lord, forgive me for what I'm about to do *unsips*

    Mate BMate B23 päeva tagasi
  • Men wore/wear dresses and skirts in the almost everywhere in the world.

    Grim IceGrim Ice25 päeva tagasi
  • 4:16 The straights: "Raise your sons to become conquerors" The straights: "Why are there so many rape cases today?"

    Needledick The BugfuckerNeedledick The Bugfucker25 päeva tagasi
  • No no the one ab the sky should be a tactic we use, like call everything gay so they dont use it. For example: oh HoHo ur watching football? Idk man seems kinda gay to me, or ohhhh u DRIVE?? idkkkkkkk thats super sus if u ask me and every straight guy within earshot starts sweating profusely

    alex the depressed gremlinalex the depressed gremlin25 päeva tagasi
  • "I kill it in yoga pants" SLAY GURL

    Sly Lil Roxy FoxySly Lil Roxy Foxy26 päeva tagasi
  • 8:35 some people have a short jaw not because of genetics but because, like, their jaw got broken during childhood. My uncle has a jaw like hers, but none of my other relatives do except for one, who is adopted, so, like, that's not a blood relative. He's also the only one to have gotten his jaw fully broken as a kid (got hit by a car while biking to school, was sent face-first into a mailbox)

    CaTastrophy427CaTastrophy42728 päeva tagasi
  • 12:59 I had menstruation mansplained to me, somebody who experiences it firsthand and has for over a decade... I was told about how they work and given very incorrect science on it. Even noting that I'm afab did not stop this dude. And yes, he's one of those guys that think it could just be held in like pee.

    TatsCatsandBatsTatsCatsandBats28 päeva tagasi
  • part about mutation is kinda akward now

    Jarry LertyJarry Lerty28 päeva tagasi
  • I miss damien

    alexander nemotonalexander nemoton29 päeva tagasi
  • So umm it did mutate lol

    vampbearvampbear29 päeva tagasi
  • Bro, the marxism comment of owens.... Some of us are still in the cold war era

    henrique carvalhohenrique carvalhoМісяць tagasi
  • 11:10 have you seen what men in the middle east or Japan wear Candace?

    mohamed elsheikhmohamed elsheikhМісяць tagasi
  • please someone save me from Brazil, like, I was born here but frick my president is making my qi lower please somoen save me

    Lucy HellstarLucy HellstarМісяць tagasi
  • No they aren't.

    DevilsdauxterDevilsdauxterМісяць tagasi
  • Sponsored by : Homosexuality

    DevilsdauxterDevilsdauxterМісяць tagasi
  • "Lesbians don't exist" the majority of my friends: guess ill die

    Axel PrestonAxel PrestonМісяць tagasi
    • *cutely transforms into a car*

      DevilsdauxterDevilsdauxterМісяць tagasi
  • Did that one lady at 11:15 just suggest that wearing a dress as a man... can bring... communism?!

    shadowfroggy47shadowfroggy47Місяць tagasi
    • It's the big brain energy for me

      DevilsdauxterDevilsdauxterМісяць tagasi
  • I would genuinely like to know what people find insulting about the word cis. Cuz then I could take it into account to figure out what to call them. I do genuinely wanna respect this preference. But I don’t personally know anyone who is offended by it.

    TheDoorMouseTheDoorMouseМісяць tagasi
  • the 474 toxic men and women who disliked the video

    Madi LosMadi LosМісяць tagasi
  • Got my like when he smashed that candsnce owens into oblivion

    Integral InsanityIntegral InsanityМісяць tagasi
  • fun fact: The Term Toxic Masculinity was invented by Manly Man to describe assholes who have to prove their "Manlines" by being assholes.

    Mathias B.Mathias B.Місяць tagasi
  • “Hey god can you mutate the virus so we can kill this guy?” *England:* Hold my beer

    lidlmermaid101 Goodmanlidlmermaid101 GoodmanМісяць tagasi
  • Yes I am maybe

    7aylor7aylorМісяць tagasi
  • Candace Owens has clearly never been to Scotland.

    Nick AllenNick AllenМісяць tagasi
  • Anyone realize he said mutate the virus a little and now there's a new mutation of the virus?

    Immortal ZekiImmortal ZekiМісяць tagasi
  • 1:05 You'd have been better off by saying Arby's. Then she'd just think you're stoned

    Nick AllenNick AllenМісяць tagasi
  • "Raise your sons to become conquerors" is legitimately something that would've fit perfectly into 1940s german propaganda 😬

    LordHonkIncLordHonkIncМісяць tagasi
  • 11:00 Back in time people used to put boy and girl babies in dresses for like pictures I think

    Lilly BLilly BМісяць tagasi
  • Bolssnaro (Brazilian president) got COVID himself, so is he a f****t or not?

    abdur razzaqabdur razzaqМісяць tagasi
  • Am I the only one that had a stroke reading the name of the subreddit

    Bartek kBartek kМісяць tagasi
  • 10:25 Jack: "Can you just give us another chance to get this guy??" God: "Ok..." www.dw.com/en/covid-19-more-countries-detect-mutated-uk-coronavirus-strain/a-56009203

    Kam WilliamsKam WilliamsМісяць tagasi
  • Most men just wanna come out as a strait white male but women can’t except that

    night war gamingnight war gamingМісяць tagasi
    • @Kierra but shouldn’t it include all. Isn’t that leaving people out because of their sexual orientation?

      night war gamingnight war gaming26 päeva tagasi
    • @night war gaming there isnt a h because heterosexual is not a gender or sexual minority, I think there may be another a for ally but for that to apply to you you have to be *an ally* and also mate if your straight theres nothing wrong with that no one said there ever was just tell the people your straight and that's that

      KierraKierra27 päeva tagasi
    • @Devilsdauxter I’m pressured at school to come out as bi even tho I’m not and I get called homophobic. Also can you tell me where the h is in lgbtq

      night war gamingnight war gamingМісяць tagasi
    • Oh god ur a gaming channel I knew it stfg stfu WHERE IS IT ILLIGAL TO BE A STRAIGHT WHITE MALE?! any country? Not saying women are better than men. Just saying. Stop being delusional

      DevilsdauxterDevilsdauxterМісяць tagasi
  • The really need to stop giving jack the reddits that involve gender or preference, he gets really steamed. I don't think its healthy.

    Johnathan MeachamJohnathan MeachamМісяць tagasi

    Kokichi OumaKokichi OumaМісяць tagasi
  • I believe in equality. I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD DAY, BUT ALSO A BAD DAY.

    YourSenpaiYourSenpaiМісяць tagasi
  • Note: Married straight couples never hate each other from the start. They just end up hating eachother. If your best friend was your roommate for multiple years, you would probably start hating them too.

    SimonsaysgamingSimonsaysgamingМісяць tagasi
  • no i am not ok lol

    Alejandro Gorrzegz-MartenAlejandro Gorrzegz-MartenМісяць tagasi
  • 13:00 Mansplaining doesn't exist. It's just stupid people putting Man in front of a word

    Benjamin WiklundBenjamin WiklundМісяць tagasi
  • 9:25 No lives matter, just kill em all. I mean, why are we even the supreme species and what purpouse do we serve, we know that we are gonna kill ourselves by letting out carbon dioxide but we still do. THAT'S HOW FRICKING SUICIDAL WE ARE

    Benjamin WiklundBenjamin WiklundМісяць tagasi
    • @Devilsdauxter I don't even have a reddit account andthis is EEworld

      Benjamin WiklundBenjamin WiklundМісяць tagasi
    • Kindly get off of reddit

      DevilsdauxterDevilsdauxterМісяць tagasi
    • @• Sorry, I got a bit carried away.

      Benjamin WiklundBenjamin WiklundМісяць tagasi
    • Jeez, calm down.

      •Місяць tagasi
  • adressing blm and alm, nlm you all suck.

    Waffles574Waffles574Місяць tagasi
  • I put the bi in *bite*

    Kai FoxKai FoxМісяць tagasi
  • Day 8 Of Asking Jack To Say : Hi Im Jack The Back Pack

  • The reason people don't accept the term toxic masculinity is that it has a garbage name. Why not call it vulnerability deficiency or something. No reason bringing the word man in there. It just makes it sound like if only men weren't total trash blahblah. Half the world doesn't want to hear it when you disregard half the world. Contrary opinions matter. Imagine calling a woman's period toxic femininity. If you have a problem with that now you understand how men feel hearing toxic masculinity. I get people mean well, but it's a mean phrase, stop using it. I'm with Candace

    FuwaGeist CartoonsFuwaGeist CartoonsМісяць tagasi
  • No, the straights are in fact, not okay

    SandguySandguyМісяць tagasi
  • I love my country but this stupid president. He even said he was sorry about the deaths but there was nothing he could do🙃🙃 dude's the fucking president

    Beatriz SantosBeatriz SantosМісяць tagasi
  • I thought Jack was going to lose his shite at the end!!!!

    Carole FrazeCarole FrazeМісяць tagasi
  • God, I'm straight and this hurts.

    CreeperX3 sssBOOMCreeperX3 sssBOOMМісяць tagasi
  • A better title for this subreddit would be r/arethealtrightok but thats not really as catchy so the whole orientation is grouped in with them.

    The Cool Axolotl LoganThe Cool Axolotl LoganМісяць tagasi
  • A real man: Treats everyone that deserves it right Accepts everyone who isn't a pedo or rapist or idiot Treats their parents with respect (if their parents deserve it Doesn't rape anything but their couch Don't murder Are good fathers

    Jumbo JelloJumbo JelloМісяць tagasi
    • Add a pillow too pls

      DevilsdauxterDevilsdauxterМісяць tagasi
    • Me: *Reading the comment* Mhm, mhm. Me: *Reads the part that mentions raping a couch.* Also me: r/holup-

      Alisibeth TolliverAlisibeth TolliverМісяць tagasi
  • Wow, this was a hot topic for you.

    Kenneth ShawKenneth ShawМісяць tagasi
  • Is jack bi?

    Connected DimensionsConnected DimensionsМісяць tagasi
    • no

      •Місяць tagasi
  • Robbin should say im robbin whats poppin lol

    DylanDylanМісяць tagasi
  • I am fine, thank you for asking though.

    Jack A boiJack A boiМісяць tagasi
  • I'm completely confused, who is attracted to who????

    L͎igԋtᑕσɾєL͎igԋtᑕσɾєМісяць tagasi
  • Ummm. You do realize the 3rd wave mutated is what's creping a lot of Europeans in England rn?

    Chris de BruinChris de BruinМісяць tagasi
  • All lives matter but, Black lives need to be focused on more as they are treated as unequivalent to us("whites" or other more equally treated people) LGBTQ+ rights/lives matter as from what I see that are more likely to be targeted When people see something such as 2 women getting married they are immediately "friends" not considering that there is not just one sexuality I'm open to edit suggestions! if you have any suggestions to add comment and I'll edit my comment to include more

    Skyblue 05Skyblue 05Місяць tagasi
    • "alm" should be treat everyone with respect, not only certain people.

      •Місяць tagasi
  • LIKING THE SKY IS NOT... HOMOSEXUAL!!! That was the best freaking thing I've heard all day :)

    Olivia SignoreOlivia SignoreМісяць tagasi
  • Lads is it gay to enjoy things?

    Kyle MorganKyle MorganМісяць tagasi
  • the virus mutated...

    iceboy unoiceboy unoМісяць tagasi
  • Running into tear gas is how you identify someone in gen z

    Axel LevesqueAxel LevesqueМісяць tagasi
  • I'm straight but my name is Aryan

    Aryan SebastariAryan SebastariМісяць tagasi
  • [sarcasm] oh no. how could you. being happy. loving/respectful relationships. aah the horror. [end sarcasm]

    Decepticus PrevailsDecepticus PrevailsМісяць tagasi