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11 jaan 2021
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  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirexTund tagasi
  • 1:17 YOOOO TOMMY

    Marlo KubikMarlo Kubik5 tundi tagasi
  • there is a kill cooldown... if you get caught.

    china sheepchina sheep6 tundi tagasi
  • But puss in boots is European and Antonio Banderas is Spanish, not latin american, so he tecnically is latin but not latino?

    Nebride NemoraNebride Nemora8 tundi tagasi
  • 9:44 name?

    Jowe SapalaranJowe Sapalaran9 tundi tagasi
  • November 25th is my birthday

    Foogy_Foogy_10 tundi tagasi
  • 15:38- You know that the studio wants to make bank and are in war with producers against the director, who's having issues with their 100 writers, and their casting director keeps on changing the actors constantly, and the production team is on stand by for years while working on other projects, and the camera guys are having fun with their new drones. Give them a few more years and it will be here when we aren't. /s (I am making sure it won't happen this decade or the next few 100 years.)

    Audrey MAudrey M19 tundi tagasi
  • I love Jschlatt, Tommy, Dream, and Techno... Also yeah never let Techno tweet, cuz an orphanage might blow up one day

    GemGem19 tundi tagasi
  • We're Chasing Among Us Back Into Among Us Now.

    ThundersnowThundersnow19 tundi tagasi
  • Never ask mojang anything cuz they will not do it *_laughs in caves and clifs_*

    Enzo LuizEnzo Luiz21 tund tagasi
  • 13:30 why did you read that with the voice and enthusiasm of Weird Al Yankovic

    Old GamesOld GamesPäev tagasi
  • Robin sounds oddly like someone...... *Stares at GreyStillPlays*

    Some Weirdo on the InternetSome Weirdo on the InternetPäev tagasi
  • i lost it at "those are all porn categories"

    hellohelloPäev tagasi
  • i was on reddit 5050 and i seen a apple in a dudes peen "^"

    Faceless YukieFaceless YukiePäev tagasi
  • 1:23 November 25th is my birthday

    Ciarra IsomCiarra IsomPäev tagasi
  • but i thought goofie was a cow not a dog and thats why he liked in the 3 musketeers movie the cow lady

    positivebird is respawingpositivebird is respawingPäev tagasi
  • Those are minecraft people, just brush it off and try not to cry

    Jessica AlbrechtJessica AlbrechtPäev tagasi
  • Americans never lose *cough* Vietnam *cough*

    havoc2.0havoc2.0Päev tagasi
  • imagine kill cooldown irl be like: Killer:Kills someone* Police:HANDS IN THE AIR. Killer:wait lemme kill someone,just another 15 seconds.

    { TwT }{ TwT }Päev tagasi
  • Jschlatt is cursed

    Antsu GamesAntsu GamesPäev tagasi

    Beast ZER0Beast ZER0Päev tagasi
  • Why do they have German in german? Why didn’t they just say German bank and not deutsche Bank (Im German so I can say this)

    Prehistoric WildlifePrehistoric WildlifePäev tagasi
  • Make the border pink

    Ink ColorsInk ColorsPäev tagasi
  • Hey I live in Colorado

    Prince JackPrince JackPäev tagasi
  • “My favourite part of Shrek was-“ AD

    YellowheadphonesYellowheadphonesPäev tagasi
  • 2:37 that’s actually interspecial marriage, which probably makes it worse

    The one and only exotic ButtersThe one and only exotic ButtersPäev tagasi
  • Ok hang on. Did I just hear you say Mojave doesn’t do anything anymore. CAVES AND CLIFFS.

    Alpha RocketAlpha RocketPäev tagasi
    • Also glow squid unfortunately

      Alpha RocketAlpha RocketPäev tagasi
  • Another playlist wrapped

    Charles Addison OcionesCharles Addison OcionesPäev tagasi
  • Half my class calls our teacher mom and then she will say "yes child what do you need?"

    lunarmoon officiallunarmoon officialPäev tagasi
  • go Coloradans not going outside still

    Papa_ ShrimPapa_ ShrimPäev tagasi
  • _Your hands, foot them over_

    Kilian UwEKilian UwE2 päeva tagasi

    Media Haven InternationalMedia Haven International2 päeva tagasi
  • 16:24 I once saw an old lady( maybe mid 70s) pissing naked with the bathroom door open, it was traumatizing

    Mickael SGMickael SG2 päeva tagasi
  • I prefer Robin and jack idk I just don't like Lexi she's not very funny imo but I don't have a problem with her she's just not as funny idk

    Oh Yeah yeahOh Yeah yeah2 päeva tagasi
  • He says mojang doesn't do anything lets talk about valve with tf2

    ASharkWithAHatASharkWithAHat2 päeva tagasi
  • 14:38 looks like trump found a way around his ban from twitter

    Pyro BunnPyro Bunn2 päeva tagasi
  • 1:40 Good GOD I was not prepared! I f***ing died! XD

    BluestreakerBluestreaker2 päeva tagasi
  • At the intro I lost brain cells

    Yuknight JADYuknight JAD2 päeva tagasi
  • Hey I live on Colorado!

    Allosaurus MaximusAllosaurus Maximus2 päeva tagasi
  • i laughed so hard at this video

    FreSupraFreSupra3 päeva tagasi
  • *Windows Vista Nosies Cutely*

    GenoSinsGenoSins3 päeva tagasi
  • 2:21 Isnt that ping thingy is from ROAD BLOCKS

    Pheoneix gamingPheoneix gaming3 päeva tagasi
  • 2:46 why

    potatosbeveharveypotatosbeveharvey3 päeva tagasi
  • Minecraft EEworldrs do be feral tho

    ItzMeCloItzMeClo3 päeva tagasi
  • Sauce for 9:40 please

    Steel BladeSteel Blade3 päeva tagasi
  • That is remarkably in-character for Schlatt though, especially as far as Tommy is concerned.

    Evan PeskoffEvan Peskoff3 päeva tagasi
  • For some reason my guts telling me the queen will die at march 21, idk which year but it'd be march 21 something

    bruh of 1990bruh of 19903 päeva tagasi
  • 12:45 anyone else yawn hearing him

    killer queen Bites za dustokiller queen Bites za dusto3 päeva tagasi
  • How is nobody else dying from him saying "your toes hand em over" or just me

    Bryan PyleBryan Pyle3 päeva tagasi
  • 1:23 it's like a birthday present from Schlatt (November 25th is my birthday)

    //DemonSchlatt\\//DemonSchlatt\\3 päeva tagasi
  • One time I acedentaly broke my friends neck He not been moving He been there a year Hes dead.

    d beardd beard3 päeva tagasi
  • Emkaynotfound

    FROST NEBULA1FROST NEBULA13 päeva tagasi
  • Bruh my mom heard you when you said "Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, I can make you scream"

    Grace PetersonGrace Peterson3 päeva tagasi
  • 12:27 *cream

    Prosthetic PotatoesProsthetic Potatoes3 päeva tagasi
  • The power of changing “I” to “we” is incredible it changes illness to wellness and “i slept with your sister” to “we slept with your sister”

    Jay RickardsJay Rickards3 päeva tagasi
  • If Australia is like 12 hrs ahead why didn't they tell us any of the terrorist attacks were going to happen

    DeathStrikeFPSDeathStrikeFPS4 päeva tagasi
  • Usa, having over 1.8 Million+ deaths Usa: YES! ALMOST A 2 MILLION KILLSTREAK! LETS KEEP GOING BOIS

    Jackson KingJackson King4 päeva tagasi
  • why did i get swaggersouls vibes when the video started?

    pyoobpyoob4 päeva tagasi
  • 3:35 huh... guess what?

  • I took one french class in 5th grade and all I learned was "chat" is cat in French and it's pronounced like shat

    Leftover Spaghetti In God's ShoelaceLeftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace4 päeva tagasi
  • Hey robin! If you're colorblind, there's a required setting in most screen devices that slightly adjusts colors so that you can see them. In android, windows, and iphone, it's in the 'accessibility' settings. You should use it!

    Jacob LysingerJacob Lysinger4 päeva tagasi
  • Who's slazo?

    I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water firstI eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first4 päeva tagasi
  • 0:00 Yeah i tried playing it, the map was nice and then crewmates are organized and somewhat winning for the first time Oh the map was a school and i kinda memorized the map already

    mirukumiruku4 päeva tagasi
  • "What the heck is up with these people" Dude. It's the Dream SMP. What else?

    Jhonen AmrheinJhonen Amrhein4 päeva tagasi
  • Post: ping: 263120.41 ms My old computer: pathetic

    random boy 2random boy 24 päeva tagasi
  • every time i see a tweet from schlatt im always like " ah shit here we go again "

    ronak jariwalaronak jariwala4 päeva tagasi
  • Clearing this man has never heard of Pervy Sage

    Aidan MilnerAidan Milner4 päeva tagasi
  • I like Robin a lot

    Grace PolinskyGrace Polinsky4 päeva tagasi
  • "My favourite part of shrek was- *AD*"

    smol pink angelsmol pink angel4 päeva tagasi
  • Just 1 questions to all females: is it normal for me to wanna feel my boobs

    Cotton Gacha candyCotton Gacha candy4 päeva tagasi
  • 2:21 The bomb was intentional but the lag stopped it for a while. (I'm so sorry)

    sleepy Pizzasleepy Pizza4 päeva tagasi
  • Lol I’m from Colorado so seeing that one about COVID was funny

    Shiny DracovishShiny Dracovish4 päeva tagasi
  • 9:40 May I know the sauce?

    Cherry Flavoured DonutCherry Flavoured Donut4 päeva tagasi
  • Seeing my favorite EEworldrs in this one made me smile

    Lorraine Delaney_07Lorraine Delaney_074 päeva tagasi
  • Fun Fact: I just say it because there's nothing to say

    Jokes on you i'm goodJokes on you i'm good4 päeva tagasi
  • Disney 100000% reopened here in Florida. And it waa fucking horrible. Just saying.

    Kadontae BrooksKadontae Brooks4 päeva tagasi
  • when i saw the elevator shaft bathroom my thought was "what if the glass floor breaks and you fall?"

    ShadowKittehShadowKitteh4 päeva tagasi
  • Chu live in Colorado too?

    Echo DragonEcho Dragon4 päeva tagasi
  • Man boi mentioned mah home state... Go COLORADO

    OddityOddity4 päeva tagasi
  • “JK Roling “

    Playing For funPlaying For fun4 päeva tagasi
  • "I don't know what the hell thick water is." I didn't either until I worked for a senior care company. Apparently it's common with older people, especially those with dementia, to have trouble swallowing liquids and are at a high risk for breathing it in. Thickening it makes it easier to swallow. There's like three different thicknesses that I know of and let me tell you, pudding consistency water just sounds so absolutely abhorrent.

    The Resident Black CoatThe Resident Black Coat4 päeva tagasi
  • Not gonna work, his blood is Coca Cola. Me: WHERES MY DAMN IV I WANT TO BE LIKE SANTA AND BE IMMUNE

    Ruby KlempleRuby Klemple5 päeva tagasi
  • 15:17 why is scp 096 here?

    Marian GhigaMarian Ghiga5 päeva tagasi
  • 14:35 where’s the video

    AnthonyAnthony5 päeva tagasi
  • 4:26 "This post was made by Jotaro Kujo"

    Naná Dos AnjosNaná Dos Anjos5 päeva tagasi
  • 2:16 it was actually a german bomb

    Piotr TolpaPiotr Tolpa5 päeva tagasi
  • 11:09 hes actually a cow not a dog

    dungeon questdungeon quest5 päeva tagasi
  • 2:37 *latinos* ?? Wasn't the puss in boots from Spain?

    AA5 päeva tagasi
  • AYO colorado!

    Oikawa’s Right elbowOikawa’s Right elbow5 päeva tagasi
  • Wait but the fat people would never be able to finish the race because they’d die from a heart attack, but then they still win while losing

    Matthew StanizziMatthew Stanizzi5 päeva tagasi
  • Schlatt would probably get folderized by Elizabeth, The Immortal

    HorizonHorizon5 päeva tagasi
  • One day I wish to make a comment so cursed, that people start making religions out of it.

    Tamaki AmajikiTamaki Amajiki5 päeva tagasi
  • 6:03 “the French have entered the cat”

    StalisStalis5 päeva tagasi
  • Aight, I seem to be out of the loop here, what is going on with Schlatt? Everyone seems to be sad over him for some reason.

    AstroManX100AstroManX1005 päeva tagasi
  • To, I know that this doesn't have anything to do with this, but I say that Shizuka Joestar should have a stand that is not named Achtung Baby. It should be some thing like "Translucent", a reference to the manga named Translucent. Or based off of mythology like "Gyges", in reference to the myth "The Ring of Gyges."

    Random TrashRandom Trash5 päeva tagasi
  • 4:09 how does Franklin Roosevelt make good points?

    Leigh BelkLeigh Belk5 päeva tagasi
  • I wonder how many nukes Covid-19 has

    damian morenodamian moreno5 päeva tagasi
  • I know I did not just hear robin day oni chan

    ÙwÚÙwÚ5 päeva tagasi
  • Your toes hand em over IM LITTERALLY SITTING HERE DYING 🤣😅

    QuizQuiz5 päeva tagasi
  • Imagine saying you're a disney park fanatic and telling everyone ELSE to grow up

    Boiler OneBoiler One5 päeva tagasi