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30 nov 2020
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  • who is alissa milanin?

    Rafael SantosRafael SantosTund tagasi
  • why do these people even use the internet ( i am talking about the posts not the emkay crew )

    SawnicSawnic5 tundi tagasi
  • 1:22 I’m unfamiliar with this flag...what does it represent?

    Christian McKeeChristian McKee5 tundi tagasi
  • Me:sad Lexi: what’s up sexy I’m Lexi! Me:*happy coz he called me sexy Also me: *sad coz no one will ever call me sexy again:

    Deglanjies 69Deglanjies 696 tundi tagasi
  • 2:36 These are the kind of assholes who give the car scene a bad name

    Gavin_ Type_1Gavin_ Type_16 tundi tagasi
  • I kinda liked the joker was here one

    Zeno SamaZeno Sama6 tundi tagasi
  • Im German... Oh, I'm so sorry, how inconsiderate of me. Im Germxn! So deeply sorry *Please don't disown me lexie.. also I'm so terribly sorry if I spelt your name wrong...*

    Bumble BeansBumble Beans8 tundi tagasi
  • 7:18 me and the boys searching for who cares

    Ragtime cowboy JoeRagtime cowboy Joe8 tundi tagasi
  • “Why are you here” Depression

    s_ashas_asha9 tundi tagasi
  • The thumbnail is all cringe

    Max FuriousMax Furious11 tundi tagasi
  • 1:55 Glenn quagmire

    DogeDoge20 tundi tagasi
  • "No guy wants something in their bum bum." I want to believe that the top comment to this is "I'm a guy and I like things in my bum bum"

    Galactic RulerGalactic Ruler22 tundi tagasi
  • Will always be a dude in our heart. 💔😔💔

    connor boobooconnor booboo22 tundi tagasi
  • Bruh the soil around me will become so fertil that indoor plants can grow there after decomposing all the trash on that subreddit

    Mushroom manMushroom manPäev tagasi
  • me: why are they censoring german *light switch sound* ooh ger-MAN lol that;s stupid

    The_Llama BoiThe_Llama BoiPäev tagasi
  • “Oosain bolt”

    jared schultzjared schultzPäev tagasi
  • Me, a bisexual: no hablo español

    Sal The RPG NerdSal The RPG NerdPäev tagasi
  • 6:10 I'm german, lassen Sie mich Ihnen ein Lied auf der weltkleinsten Geige spielen. :)

    V1skozaV1skozaPäev tagasi
  • 10:55 K-Kakyoin.. is that you?

    NA NegaraAnimsNA NegaraAnimsPäev tagasi
  • 5:52 this is basically racism hidden behind the idea of being against sexism. okay that makes sense. :|

    Stormify5Stormify5Päev tagasi
  • Cringetopia, in conjunction with r/Wokekids

    Back the BlueBack the BluePäev tagasi
  • What adult says “bum bum”

    NicolasNicolasPäev tagasi
  • Wait.. Lexi is trans?

    Benjamin IturriagaBenjamin IturriagaPäev tagasi
  • *gerwoman*

    Cool TellowCool TellowPäev tagasi
  • 04:00 thats a beastialitality furry

    circled woodcircled woodPäev tagasi
  • Germxn sounds like some kind of cleaning product.

    Bandit XavierBandit XavierPäev tagasi
  • This has nothing to do with anything but my bisexual pride flag cake today

    Skeeter From South ParkSkeeter From South Park2 päeva tagasi
  • Because I don't have a life, Lexi. Leave me alone xD Edit: you're my favorite narrator btw

    RWCRWC2 päeva tagasi
  • 9:25 only 20 times? i've killed 30 people in my mind in 30 different ways which not only had physical but also emotional torture in 3 minutes. don't act like you're special

    Derreck ReyesDerreck Reyes2 päeva tagasi
  • 1:00 the " WE CARNT BREATH's" mask looks like a hot dog

    Bass codeBass code2 päeva tagasi
  • Lexi: "Why are you all here?" Because I like posts being made fun of.

    The KGBThe KGB2 päeva tagasi
  • One of my best friends has recently started identifying as female and you've kinda helped me know how to support her lol

    TippythewizardTippythewizard2 päeva tagasi
  • Emkay: looking at the furry car not wanting to know what the logos mean Me: Beeing the bad dragon logo

    SharinganSharingan2 päeva tagasi
  • Germxn WAHAHAHAHAHAH i am German, if someone tells me this imma stab him in the second he finishes

    deviliusdevilius3 päeva tagasi
  • He's entitled person voice is only second to Rslash

    Ryan craftRyan craft3 päeva tagasi
  • 6:19 Wait lexi is trans 😤😡😡 I support, bro🏳️‍🌈💖💖🌈🥰✨

    Skags Da PympSkags Da Pymp3 päeva tagasi
  • Man germxny really did some bad stuff in WWII

    RatSmacker69RatSmacker693 päeva tagasi
  • I like to think that Lexi is the keeper of the void, like how does she know about void 7 and 13?

    darius filipdarius filip3 päeva tagasi

    TheShadowChild [Idiot]TheShadowChild [Idiot]3 päeva tagasi
  • feminism is TOTALLY the reason no one dates you. If Zoophilia had a face, it would probably be the extremely fucked up child between forest Whitaker and "Caitlin" Jenner

    Jason GarberJason Garber3 päeva tagasi
  • 11:18 I guess you could say that muffin looked an awful lot like a hamster

    WyattDraws DecentlyWyattDraws Decently3 päeva tagasi
  • Emkay: Sbren Sbeve Mini: Sbeve

    Destinychan281Destinychan2813 päeva tagasi
    • S(He) Be(lie)ve(d)

      Destinychan281Destinychan2813 päeva tagasi
  • 11:19 That muffin is looking awfully like a hamster, someone put a hamster into my muffin

    Twitter is bullshitTwitter is bullshit3 päeva tagasi
  • robux

    Zarek ZadorZarek Zador3 päeva tagasi

    Logan601Logan6013 päeva tagasi
  • They didn't even spell it right 2:18

    apparently bird _apparently bird _3 päeva tagasi
  • 6:00 I think they mean that some words in German have feminine and masculine versions even though they don't need it. Not as in they have words for man and woman, as in they have a feminine and masculine word for an inanimate object like a chair or something.

    E ME M3 päeva tagasi
    • at least I hope so

      E ME M3 päeva tagasi
  • For that one image with the furry car- 'Hotty fox on board' YOU ARE DISRESPECTING AND RUINING THINE GREATEST ANIMAL ON THINE PLANET FOXES ARE SACRED AND DO NOT DESERVE SUCH DISGUSTING THINGS Now, I'm not completely supportive of furries but I don't hate them- but this is disgusting, that's not . . . okay like, at all

    Emrs Not tellingEmrs Not telling3 päeva tagasi

    Collin LeechesCollin Leeches3 päeva tagasi
    • Lexi is trans, not emkay. Robin is probably gay but him and back are not trsns

      logan geelogan geePäev tagasi
  • 7:12 I wanted to start reading the comics and now I dont wanna

    MicrozonMicrozon3 päeva tagasi
  • 2:11 anime skrillex

    Bloodysniper 72Bloodysniper 724 päeva tagasi
  • Top 10 Void Dimensions:

    evritingevriting4 päeva tagasi
  • 5:35 this one is just the worst one oml. Parents, don’t let your kids drop out of elementary.

    Omega LiteOmega Lite4 päeva tagasi
  • Tbh this channel has gone downhill ever since Damien left.. these new voices sound so forced. Like, Damien actually sounded genuine

    WeegWeeg4 päeva tagasi
    • No offence..

      WeegWeeg4 päeva tagasi
  • If someone walked up to me and said "Hey sexy I'm Lexi", I'm givin' em my money.

    Santino DelgadoSantino Delgado4 päeva tagasi
  • 1:26 what flag is that

    Jazmine WrightJazmine Wright4 päeva tagasi
  • we are here because we like these videos and love the narrators

    Keltan Cribb-VanOsKeltan Cribb-VanOs4 päeva tagasi
  • That furry car, I have almost nothing against furrys, EXCEPT when they buy a Ferrari and do that shit to the rear. Edit: thank god its in forza holy fk I was mad

    monkey monkemonkey monke4 päeva tagasi
  • The lion/sheep picture kind of makes sense though... He's gonna kill everyone

    Lucas HomanLucas Homan4 päeva tagasi
  • I love the "I may look cool and calm but in my mind I killed you over 20 times" kinda thing. Those really make my day.

    LégusLégus4 päeva tagasi
  • 2:58 I swear to god that girl went to my school the last time I saw her was in 4th grade she told that she had a troubled home life and safe2tell had been called 3 times if this is her I'm sorry for you

    AdamS238AdamS2384 päeva tagasi
  • The guy at 3:32 looks like if Hitler was a hipster

    Stranger ManStranger Man5 päeva tagasi
  • Btw the girls in the thumbnail are from an anime I think is called (why is my little sister so cute) and no it's true its called that

    wisdom of memeswisdom of memes5 päeva tagasi
  • Wait so Lexi is a woman dam shawty you looking kinda bad😩

    Jacob WattsJacob Watts5 päeva tagasi
  • 2:18 that’s a guy, Lexi. His name is Uta.

    Cult Of Diana OfficialCult Of Diana Official5 päeva tagasi
  • What is that flag?

    SwagMazterRohanSwagMazterRohan5 päeva tagasi
  • 4:00 oh god is that bad dragon? Holy

    Pedro Henrique Teixeira FrancioniPedro Henrique Teixeira Francioni5 päeva tagasi
  • 4:20 sounds good to me

    jacob animatesjacob animates5 päeva tagasi
  • Lexi's intros belong in r/cringetopia

    zero Slashzero Slash5 päeva tagasi
  • what flag is that at 1:20 and why do people hate it so much

    takowotakowo5 päeva tagasi
  • Lexi's such a queen,,

    Bitchass SkyBitchass Sky5 päeva tagasi
  • 11:00 i haven't seen my mom since i was three take that nerds (slowly intensifying sobing)

    Jett SingletonJett Singleton5 päeva tagasi
  • 10:45 I basically slapped my face reading that

    Just A Random UserJust A Random User5 päeva tagasi
  • Thumbnail? Feel like I seen that art style somewhere. In a gentai manga?

    crim somreaf5555crim somreaf55555 päeva tagasi
  • The furry Ferrari fxx hurt me and made me cringe the most. As a car guy Ill just say that the ferrari caught the big gay.

  • 5:40 Many fists will be thrown today.

    Reinhardt WilhelmReinhardt Wilhelm5 päeva tagasi
  • Like, I love anime but this is Fucking cringe. Even tho we're wierd. But still, furries are wierder.

    TYP-2000TYP-20005 päeva tagasi
  • neither of them have value and joe is a nut job commie.

    Suicide KydSuicide Kyd5 päeva tagasi
  • Homie really said milf hunter with a haircut that looks like a text bubble

    NameName5 päeva tagasi
  • 11:23: "That muffin is looking awfully like a hamster."-Damien Lee Chills

  • I’ve categorized the void dimensions for you, so you know who goes where! Feel free to decide what food the cretins get! Void dimension 1: Anti LGBTQ+ Void dimension 2: Anti Maskers Void dimension 3: Clickbaiters Void dimension 4: Toxic Tiktokers Void dimension 5: Fake psychopaths Void dimension 6: Celebrity nightmares Void dimension 7: Zoophiles Void dimension 8: Toxic relationships Void dimension 9: Forceful Vegans Void dimension 10: All other scum Thank you for coming to my TED talk

    Samtheballoon15Samtheballoon155 päeva tagasi
  • Hey Lexie (if that’s not how you spell your name sorry) what are your pronouns I wouldn’t want to mess them up.? Also thank you for making me smile 😁

    Ej SargentEj Sargent5 päeva tagasi
    • I sure she goes by she/her

      I'm a ghost lmaoI'm a ghost lmao4 päeva tagasi
  • i know, i know ¿why are you comenting in a video of november?, BUT I just wanted to say that the coment of 5:32 is so SO ironic because Mexico is considered one of the most homofobic countries in latino america, like, been gay ti's just accepted in 4 states and I hate it. >:(

    La Fruta TropicalLa Fruta Tropical5 päeva tagasi
  • 8:23, who's gonna tell Lexi that Jenna is serious-

    Star StruckStar Struck6 päeva tagasi
  • 3:19 and then it’s these girls that complain when a guy breaks up with her then calls men trash when they are literally trash people guys don’t get someone like this get someone that it’s complete trash

    シRyderシRyder6 päeva tagasi
  • 7:35 mmmmmmm am i the only one that thought dam when he said that

    Lewis NicollLewis Nicoll6 päeva tagasi
  • I honestly don’t know who alyssa milano is but just from looking at that tweet and only that tweet I instantly despise her

    シRyderシRyder6 päeva tagasi
  • im glad they killed me in their mind, i once knew a girl who on meeting her drew 10 ways to kill me.... even worse that i fell in love with her afterwards

    The CrowThe Crow6 päeva tagasi
  • 6:19 I am all for censoring gendered words example: ladies' and gentlemen and such, but G E R M A N.

    BaͥbyͣbͫlบeBaͥbyͣbͫlบe6 päeva tagasi
  • Good thing i'm not human, and do not associate with these creatures.

    Banana SpiceBanana Spice6 päeva tagasi
    • As a human i can say, we don't accept these people

      nanzor the anti furry-Republic soldiernanzor the anti furry-Republic soldier8 tundi tagasi
  • Ah yes, *peeping*

    Pvt. James RamirezPvt. James Ramirez6 päeva tagasi
  • I read the thing as "saw me PEEING in their room" and I was like what the fuck? that's hilarious as hell until my brain read it again and was like oh its peeping

    Sighmylife sigh362Sighmylife sigh3626 päeva tagasi
  • Not to be sexist or anything, but *german*

    Crab SquidCrab Squid6 päeva tagasi
  • 2:10 that's a guy, he's the character that made kaneki his mask in tokyo ghoul

    theVirtualBiscuittheVirtualBiscuit6 päeva tagasi
  • Ok sorry but as a carguy i thank you for the car related things in this video I didn’t know my favourite EEworldr knows about cars? Plus! There’s even a post with fh4 in it, I would like to thank you emkay for making my day

    illusionillusion6 päeva tagasi
  • Just for that furry bit imma just go....

    3xile3xile6 päeva tagasi
  • Everytime i watch a video and I don’t hear “What’s up sexy I’m Lexi” I quit, Lexi is the only icon 🤩‼️🙄

    MadchannMadchann6 päeva tagasi
  • 9:52 I don't get this she is straight and has a child what even is this

    Ahmed Ex1Ahmed Ex16 päeva tagasi
  • 2:21 her....

    last dog standinglast dog standing6 päeva tagasi
  • 10:40 I did this accidentally out of pure instinct and realized that I could have just sneezed into the mask, I will now remember this 7 years from now in bed thinking of how much of an idiot I must have looked like.

    SatanicCerealSatanicCereal6 päeva tagasi