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  • This may be random, but while watching this, I randomly thought and smelled sour cream. I hate it.

    GamerHatchGamerHatch20 päeva tagasi
  • Lol this is funny

    Deflatablegnome17Deflatablegnome17Місяць tagasi
  • To raise a child to 18 America:approx 1M Australia:300K Canada: who needs money

    Phoenixz2007Phoenixz2007Місяць tagasi
  • Idk about y'all, but I'd kill for a fuckin 20/hr job

    Im_McSparkyIm_McSparkyМісяць tagasi
  • Rtttttttt to be there at night time to go

    Bethany AsheBethany AsheМісяць tagasi
  • Wright I love you so much I love you so much I will let you know that I have a great day at home today I love you so much I will never be able to do this to you 😊🙂😂🙂🙂😊😊🙂😊😊🙂😊🙂😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Bethany AsheBethany AsheМісяць tagasi
  • People need a box only one who has been doing this for me to 💕😊😎🤶 I think it would love you so so so so so so so so much I love you so it would love to be a good one 😘😘 I love you so much I love you so much I used to have a great time in the morning or after you get 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏻😭😭😭😭😭😉😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🐏😉🏡🏡🤯🐩👩‍🚒🤑🤑😍😐😐😐😐😍😍😍😍😍😍😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😬👩‍🚒💕💕😊🤶🤶😎😎😎😎🐏😎🐏

    Bethany AsheBethany AsheМісяць tagasi
  • Life dream of mine: Find an artist I like Ask them for a commission They name their price I respond "I'm not paying that!" Wait just a moment for them to process the gall I have for saying that and have their hearts break because another choosing beggar's idiocy Quickly surprise them by saying "for your work, imma pay twice your offer because artists like you deserve it" The End

    ひろかいりゅざきひろかいりゅざきМісяць tagasi
  • How did that person complain about 20 BUCKS AN HOUR. THAT IS DOUBLE MINIMUM WAGE.

    H ZH ZМісяць tagasi
  • Cancer is with a c

    Lucas lukLucas lukМісяць tagasi
  • 9:12. Just 9:12. That's it

    JaybaemaydayJaybaemaydayМісяць tagasi
  • "I'm a mother ogf 4 kids bla bla bla i like to sell myself" ex- excuse me? you like to *WHAT* ?!

    Aʀᴛsʏ IʀᴋᴇɴAʀᴛsʏ IʀᴋᴇɴМісяць tagasi
  • My whole mood was out down by that guy who put out an advertisement for a wife. I swear if my blood wasn't boiling, it was very close.

    Annamations idkAnnamations idkМісяць tagasi
  • No I can’t give you money, but I can give a drug problem

    Joshua BermudezJoshua BermudezМісяць tagasi
  • Is the price negotiable? Yes, aslong as your offering more money otherwise no, literal who’s gonna be such dumb to do that

    Naru TeoriasNaru TeoriasМісяць tagasi
  • i miss damien

    sTaY sAdsTaY sAdМісяць tagasi
  • 13:20 20 bucks saying if he got all the stories for free from the start but no ond else he would have kept his mouth shut

    Daniel KoegelenbergDaniel KoegelenbergМісяць tagasi
  • 9:45 I diagnose you with "A spoiled b*tch"

    Daniel KoegelenbergDaniel KoegelenbergМісяць tagasi
  • Yo theyre complaining about a roblox game? I mean, world zero is a damn good game, but its updates are so slow theres no reason to pay for it

    Strange KittyStrange KittyМісяць tagasi
  • $300,000 avg to raise a kid in your country. $1,000,000 in mine. Damn I need to move out of this place.

    Jordan HamelinJordan HamelinМісяць tagasi
  • Love the channel. Gives me motivation and a few laughs when I’m feeling down. It’s one of the main channels that keeps me going when I feel like I can’t go anymore :)

    Misfit GamingMisfit GamingМісяць tagasi
  • 13:55 I work 60 minutes to earn $10.25 and shit that's great for me but shit I better not catch myself complaining about $20 and hour

    Modesto CarrilloModesto CarrilloМісяць tagasi
  • Jacks my favorite

    Layla PileyLayla PileyМісяць tagasi
  • Hate beggar

    block guyblock guyМісяць tagasi
  • Umm, no I don't think most people tolerate being lied to or cheated on, especially cheated on. Unless that was sarcasm, then just ignore me please.

    Der Adler und seine FalkenDer Adler und seine FalkenМісяць tagasi
  • 3:04 i mean some people like to have a daily and have the rest for pleasure, maybe a truck for large cargo like say new appliances, or to tow some off road vehicles or jet ski, some people find it strange but why daily drive and put miles into your pleasure car? i mean if you intend yea but why waste it on work? also fuel costs 😂 premium is expensive factor in a V10 or 8 ...

    Mark RayesMark RayesМісяць tagasi
  • 2 days ago I had the issue of 2 broken cars, so I sympathize

    Just BecauseJust BecauseМісяць tagasi
  • 10:39 never thought I would see the day that an idiot on Twitter would complain about a game being free and I don’t want to be surrounded by bacons and for people who don’t play roblox, the term bacon is a person who does not spend money on roblox and the fact I’m seeing some fool say this shit on Twitter and ending up on Reddit is just dkdjdjdbdkdoslwnrdkzlslsj

    0reo Jesus0reo JesusМісяць tagasi
  • Choosing begger looking for a wife is going to die alone

    KT SpeedrunsKT SpeedrunsМісяць tagasi
  • 11:04 he was like what the FUCK

    LukeJayWalkerLukeJayWalkerМісяць tagasi
  • As a new subscriber I can now blame you for lack of sleep due to awesome videos and continuous laughter.....thanks!

    Damien PalmerDamien PalmerМісяць tagasi
  • I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends. It’s always one of em gotta be ugly

    Rocketgod68 0Rocketgod68 0Місяць tagasi
  • Spotify is cringe. iTunes is better as you own the songs.

    realRoforbrealRoforbМісяць tagasi
  • I actually like the second one with the nintendo switch, he was upfront about everything and it was actually pretty funny.

    xd Hadronxd HadronМісяць tagasi
  • Really late ok

  • Jack, know the meme mine mine mine, in Australia it is mate mate mate

    Tilli BasagliaTilli BasagliaМісяць tagasi

    CoalBee1126CoalBee1126Місяць tagasi
  • 8:58 the worst part is that out there are old mens thinking like this and are married.

    mariano colsinmariano colsinМісяць tagasi
  • "Working 60 minutes to make a $20 bill" Complaining about making $20 an hour!? I make $10.50 an hour and I can almost afford to get my own apartment.

    A Voice Crying OutA Voice Crying OutМісяць tagasi
  • Sorry to hear that he has cancer, I will lower the price by -50% now the price is higher by 50$ sorry to hear that.

    Zachery JequintoZachery JequintoМісяць tagasi
  • Just pirate Spotify they have apks we can get premium for free! eat the Rich steal from corporate brands

    Daniel YoungDaniel YoungМісяць tagasi
  • I use SoundCloud instead of Spotify on mobile, since it doesn't skip songs, you can listen to whatever you want, and there are barley any ads. I can listen to Traitor's Requiem and Shinzou Wo Sasageyo all day in class lol

    『Vortexx』『Vortexx』Місяць tagasi
  • I remember this channel, i ended leaving it for a while.

    I cant find a name So this is it.I cant find a name So this is it.Місяць tagasi
  • 13:37 wait your an Aussie? Hell Ye Aussie gang right here

    BrolyBrolyМісяць tagasi
  • I...probably would have taken those reptiles at 14:35

    MeaghanMeaghanМісяць tagasi
  • Not even my grandpa when he was a poor young boy who wanted to eat meat at a table like his uncle:

    Multifandomtrashygrass YehetkkaebsongMultifandomtrashygrass YehetkkaebsongМісяць tagasi
  • 7:43 my dad actually says shit like that about women bring tools for baby giving. Then goes off and tells me I treating mine like shit. He's also the same dick head who said he wanted to beat my as because of my aunt/mom lying to him about alot of shit (met the guy when I was 18, he instantly started fucking my aunt.)

    Toasted OrangeToasted OrangeМісяць tagasi
  • 2:42 in all honesty. I know what he's talking about and I don't think he's in the wrong at all

    Toasted OrangeToasted OrangeМісяць tagasi
  • 6:27 It makes it better that it was on August 15th 🤩🤩

    Unknown GirlUnknown GirlМісяць tagasi
  • 320 is the price of a switch bundle

    john kuszjohn kuszМісяць tagasi
  • 1000

    Let's Play TVLet's Play TVМісяць tagasi
  • .

    a aa aМісяць tagasi
  • Yes

    Cloud's Animation SensationCloud's Animation SensationМісяць tagasi
  • Yep, the first one is so dumb

    That one guyThat one guyМісяць tagasi
  • hehdh

    usecodemoo56usecodemoo56Місяць tagasi
  • greg

    usecodemoo56usecodemoo56Місяць tagasi
  • I words right

    Cinnamon Da FoxCinnamon Da FoxМісяць tagasi
  • Ngl the offer at: 3:43actually seems nice,also *Nice* Edit: Holy shit I spoke too soon the job is insane

    Captain RexCaptain RexМісяць tagasi
  • That roblox player doesn't want to be with "broke ass bacons" this kid is just.....

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4everМісяць tagasi
  • L

    B The kingB The kingМісяць tagasi
  • 10:05 the reason she can't afford a house is because she's got six dogs

    StrongBoyCarter CrewStrongBoyCarter CrewМісяць tagasi
    • Wrong.

      The Joke RuinerThe Joke RuinerМісяць tagasi
  • Kan i hev bobux pks

    islam boyislam boyМісяць tagasi
  • I learned the word _terse_ today.

    Modocrisma2Modocrisma2Місяць tagasi
  • 20 dollars an hour is pretty decent in some rural areas of the US

    Clockwork concatenationClockwork concatenationМісяць tagasi
  • Who else got rickrolled by an ad

    Enzo YbarraEnzo YbarraМісяць tagasi
  • I need to meet everyone at emkay in real life or my life will always be confusing

    TheFatOneTheFatOneМісяць tagasi
  • The first guy actually sounds about right

    Amber ReedAmber ReedМісяць tagasi
  • $20 an hour is a dream I only get $8.25 geez

    goldmudder playsgoldmudder playsМісяць tagasi
  • These ones are longer

    Why do I need names anyway?Why do I need names anyway?Місяць tagasi
  • canser

    The Ugly DumbirdThe Ugly DumbirdМісяць tagasi
  • Commenting Pog on every video in my recommended

    Sleep Paralysis DemonSleep Paralysis DemonМісяць tagasi
  • The fuck's wrong with a Note 10

    SoundwaveLooSoundwaveLooМісяць tagasi
  • Dude I also played that game there I never beat it tho

    Never Happy NathanNever Happy NathanМісяць tagasi
  • So who elsa clicks on these videos and is like I really hope it's Robin or Zack no offense to the other narrator's

    Masin GriffinMasin GriffinМісяць tagasi
  • Imagine complaining about 20 bucks per hour, while I have 13 and that can still be considered alot

    ailuriidaeailuriidaeМісяць tagasi
  • 4:13 I mean IG if you were homeless that's not a half bad deal

    R MR MМісяць tagasi
  • wait so the guy with lotta rules is the ultra mega anti choosing beggar or something?

    Blocky the BlockBlocky the BlockМісяць tagasi
  • 14:17 man, I'd trade a $3000 item for four lizards and a heat lamp

    ZenZachZenZachМісяць tagasi
  • You know a person is a fun guy when he literally calls himself "old and grumpy". Sounds like the kinda guy who you'd get a beer with Also, 4 lizards and a heat lamp

    Ice TideIce TideМісяць tagasi
  • 6:13 of course that person doesn't have enough money for a motorhome with six fricking dogs

    Jack LantzJack LantzМісяць tagasi
  • How many Karen's can there be on one reddit page, holy sh*t

    svendotexesvendotexeМісяць tagasi
  • Whoa whoa whoa, $20 an hour? And you're complaining? That's more than what an EMT makes where I live!

    Zachary OstrowskiZachary OstrowskiМісяць tagasi
  • "Working 60 minutes to make a $20 bill is disrespectful." I'm sorry, you're complaining about making $20 an hour???????? That's a living wage (assuming you're single), consider yourself lucky :/

    DragonblepsDragonblepsМісяць tagasi
    • @Collin Tong I'm happy for you! Honestly. Not having to worry about money is a blessing.

      DragonblepsDragonblepsМісяць tagasi
    • @Auroranne Corrinne Renée I know the feeling. Wages really should be higher for the kind of crap that employees have to go through just to be considered human beings worthy of respect.

      DragonblepsDragonblepsМісяць tagasi
    • My dad makes 23 dollars an hour and he can support a family of 4 plus a few luxury items like computers and consoles. I may be low high class but its going great

      Collin TongCollin TongМісяць tagasi
    • I would be lucky if I had $10 an hour at my job

      Auroranne Corrinne RenéeAuroranne Corrinne RenéeМісяць tagasi
  • *t a r- t e a r s a u c e*

    sus boisus boiМісяць tagasi
  • I got an ad about losing weight by pooping before watching this

    Dow BaileyDow BaileyМісяць tagasi
  • First off, $20 an hour is good, that0s around $800 a week (8h workday, no weekend work and no extra hours of work) and around $3200 a month, how's that disrespectful? 2nd, if you barely made it through highschool and went to work at a fastfood joint or something like that, don't expect to be paid more than those $20/h, if i'd get paid that much from where i am, i wouldn't need to work more than a few days per month.

    NecroFlexNecroFlexМісяць tagasi
  • “Broke ugly bacons.” (For the World Zero post-) Excuse me, human being, you realize that you don’t use your *avatar* in World Zero? You’d know that if you played the game-

    Fern the HiveWingFern the HiveWingМісяць tagasi
  • No no it’s obviously cansre

    robert garroodrobert garroodМісяць tagasi
  • Guys, why don't u just download the song? xD

    ElectroCute 3ElectroCute 3Місяць tagasi
  • WAIT SIX DOGS Your legally only allowed 4

    tree fr0gtree fr0gМісяць tagasi
  • $20 an hour is "DISREPECTFUL"? What the fuck lmao

    Emerald CometEmerald CometМісяць tagasi
  • 5:33 don't they mean hoosier

    jace bagleyjace bagleyМісяць tagasi
  • Australia is not relatively cheap at all, it has one of the highest living costs on the planet. Sure USA have to pay medical costs but only when they use those resources, in Australia we pay medical costs even if we don't visit the doctor for 15 years. Medical is literally the one thing we have better priced than USA and depending on if ou need to use it, even that can be more expensive

    AlmightyBeingAlmightyBeingМісяць tagasi
  • 3:13 I just noticed that there's only one like on each post. I think op liked her own post in hopes to make people think she's not being a choosingbegger

    Miss BambasticMiss BambasticМісяць tagasi
  • To the bitch at 14:00 getting 20 bux an hour is actually a reasonable pay if you are under 25 or something. It aint bad at all. Work ten hours and get 200 dollars, work 1 week and you have 1000 dollars, making 52000 a year. If you have some time off here and there you'd still get EASY 45k a year

    Jonathan de GraafJonathan de GraafМісяць tagasi
  • Him: I really need money now please A nice person sure : sure no problem here take 20 dollars Him: 20$ haha broke b**ch

    Idan GoldwasserIdan GoldwasserМісяць tagasi
  • That review at 12:43 sounds like it could be on the 3D guided colouring scenes app I use at bedtime, called Loona. Admittedly it is quite a large sum for a subscription, but we still get a fair few free scenes without needing a subscription, and they’re all AMAZING. Do I wish it were cheaper, or maybe just a permanent unlock rather than a subscription, sure! But at the moment I wouldn’t consider there enough content behind the sub paywall to be worth spending $82 per year on it.

    sparrowflyawaysparrowflyawayМісяць tagasi
  • didnt expect to see anything to do with wz ever

    FinnionFinnionМісяць tagasi
  • 8:02 the guy is clearly a controlling piece of shit but I still have to agree that being cheated on and lied to shouldn't be tolerated and at the very least should be something both parties work on

    King of PigsKing of PigsМісяць tagasi
  • I Want To Slap These People In Their Faces With Every Cell Of My Body

    cabalionchucabalionchuМісяць tagasi