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20 dets 2020
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  • 17:11 it's funny cause in the car community there's like a running joke that all subaru drivers vape

    カイKaiカイKai18 tundi tagasi
  • Judging by the things sold on this site people will by the stupid stuff

    Shiloh Myers_25Shiloh Myers_2523 tundi tagasi
  • I can imagine the guy selling the grimoire just asking for a note book with 72 pages

    I’m A Sloth Deal With ItI’m A Sloth Deal With ItPäev tagasi
  • 😄 love your videos mate

    Charlene BrunskillCharlene BrunskillPäev tagasi
  • The sock ad did actually say 24 year old female with 8-8.5 shoe size.

    Ada FrostAda Frost2 päeva tagasi
  • the one-night stand caught me off guard xd

    Shelly MatthewsShelly Matthews3 päeva tagasi
  • oo tah

    Shomari DuncanShomari Duncan3 päeva tagasi
  • ...wait....that was SOLD someone payed 4000 plus $ for two prob broken iphones taped together...i would day the buyer the crackhead but what crackhead has that much cash?

    Kayy PurrsKayy Purrs3 päeva tagasi
  • someone died in that bed

    Joseph BalascioJoseph Balascio4 päeva tagasi
  • Bruh those socks were girls it said 24 f 8-8.5 at the bottom

    CrippleCripple4 päeva tagasi
  • That square body chevy was a joke post. You can tell because the seller actually said "no low ballers, I know what I got". Also as a minnesotan, the way this man says Duluth (pronounced doo looth) enrages me.

    Waffle hunter IIIWaffle hunter III4 päeva tagasi
  • I love you Jack, you are probably my favorite narrator

    Nathan PollomNathan Pollom5 päeva tagasi
  • 16:40 I’d just buy that to hold all my paints and art supplies tbh (I have a lot of art supplies lmao)

    Aced XxAced Xx6 päeva tagasi
  • 0:04 soon there heads be camouflaged

    Alex B.Alex B.7 päeva tagasi
  • I would get the ramen jar, but the 5% creamy chicken is making me turn away... I like the chicken flavor... but the creamy chicken? No thanks.

    Awesome DudeAwesome Dude8 päeva tagasi
  • Ramen guy was on my local page! I messaged him and he sent more pics and actually was trying to sell it 😂

    Emily SimpsonEmily Simpson13 päeva tagasi
  • Jack, you make these so much funnier. Thank you!

    AthlynneAthlynne13 päeva tagasi
  • I legit change an adult diaper for $300. At least I don't have to have sex with anyone.

    Shadow SoullessShadow Soulless13 päeva tagasi
  • 2:54 - most likely giving it away as scrap ... worth $0.04 /lb right now.

    Rick SRick S14 päeva tagasi
  • O ak log.

    Oh DyroOh Dyro15 päeva tagasi
  • Wait i can sell the Air Im breathing? Frick breathing. Imma Go get Rich!

    Just A Danish GuyJust A Danish Guy16 päeva tagasi
  • Wait I'm interested in the demon book xD

    Daniel BoulriceDaniel Boulrice16 päeva tagasi
  • 0:07 put child in water Boil on high heat for 5 hours Make sure to make the meat is tender and ripe. Fresh from the hospital is the best choice

    Scu ffedScu ffed17 päeva tagasi
  • The way he says oak hurts me (he may be doing it as a joke but I don’t get it)

    Ozone ReidOzone Reid17 päeva tagasi
  • pleasw the way he said duluth is sending me

    Milo BaffinMilo Baffin18 päeva tagasi
  • Did he just say Utah like Oohtah instead of youtah

    Jame sJame s18 päeva tagasi
  • OOH TAH??

    Clover WeltyClover Welty18 päeva tagasi
  • Do you mispronounce things on purpose? Also, those were girl socks, it says 24 F right underneath what you read.

    somethingsomethingDarkSidesomethingsomethingDarkSide19 päeva tagasi
  • 1:08 I don't think the maker of the video gets that this window unit is obviously an empty shell. All the valuable bits are missing on the inside.

    Tinfoilhatnutcase OneTinfoilhatnutcase One21 päev tagasi
  • Emkay: “what’s up my chicken boritos” Every single vegan/vegetarian: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Me: *is proud of self even though the manager is very unlikely to heart this comment*

    Michael B.Michael B.21 päev tagasi
  • uwu! i am a burrito now

    HeyItsSlothHeyItsSloth21 päev tagasi
  • ooutah

    hdfjkghdfjkg22 päeva tagasi
  • The $100 for the garage and fence was a good deal.

    krondor007krondor00723 päeva tagasi
  • I miss Damian he was the king of r/roastme and the depressing and disgusting ones, but lexi, Robin and Jack are too wholesome to hate

    i buy 76 salamanders a dayi buy 76 salamanders a day23 päeva tagasi
  • 5:15 Isnt there literally a mission like this in Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

    Ryan PhilpottRyan Philpott23 päeva tagasi
  • He said i hope you said somthing positive i said jack on crack not sure if thats positive unlike a drug test

    SoulFyre GamingSoulFyre Gaming23 päeva tagasi
  • 2:42 That's the point, it's to help lowly individuals overthrow their oppressors

    BlueInRealm65BlueInRealm6523 päeva tagasi
  • 1:55 What if we kissed on the jouch

    BlueInRealm65BlueInRealm6523 päeva tagasi
  • Jack: how are you doing Me: depressed Jack: GREAT!!!

    Cannon BeamonCannon Beamon23 päeva tagasi
  • 13:16 it's....it's duh-looth...he won't see this but- yeah-

    well hi therewell hi there24 päeva tagasi
  • No one talking about how they used the Half-Life 2 Zombie sound effect at 3:35?

    RedScorp99RedScorp9924 päeva tagasi
  • I have too giant burrito stuffies in my room and when you said the first thing about burritos I was like WHAT DID YOU SAY 0:16

    CAT Creeper0 CATCAT Creeper0 CAT24 päeva tagasi
    • NOW

      CAT Creeper0 CATCAT Creeper0 CAT24 päeva tagasi
    • Lol

      CAT Creeper0 CATCAT Creeper0 CAT24 päeva tagasi
  • 4:28 is that for sale to?

    Ruby the OSU! DutchieRuby the OSU! Dutchie24 päeva tagasi
  • 15:45 switches to herbert the pervert voice when he finds out its a woman 😂

    Pierce WaltPierce Walt24 päeva tagasi
  • Robin is my favorite narrator

    Dragon MasterDragon Master25 päeva tagasi
  • Did anybody else notice how he mispronounced oak when he was talking about the oak log? 🪵 was this intentional?

    Anais TaylorAnais Taylor25 päeva tagasi
  • Hi love your vids but oak is not pronounced "oaak" it is basically pronounced "ohk" byeeeeee

    Leigh AmadorLeigh Amador25 päeva tagasi
  • At 2:30 I live near this area and I think I finally figure out how their high school marching band got to be so good. They looked to higher powers.

    Hunter AlexanderHunter Alexander26 päeva tagasi
  • 8:20 how many people have died on that mattress?!?!

    slsoveslsove26 päeva tagasi
  • Not funny. I didn't laugh. Your joke is so bad I would have preferred the joke went over my head and you gave up re-telling me the joke. To be honest this is a horrible attempt at trying to get a laugh out of me. Not a chuckle, not a hehe, not even a subtle burst of air out of my esophagus. Science says before you laugh your brain preps your face muscles but I didn't even feel the slightest twitch. 0/10 this joke is so bad I can't believe anyone legally allowed you to be creative at all. The amount of brain power you must have put into that joke has the potential to power every house on Earth. Get a personality and learn how to make jokes, read a book. I'm not saying this to be funny i genuinely mean it on how this is just bottom barrel embarrassment at comedy. You've single handedly killed humor and every comedic act on the planet. I'm so disappointed that society has failed as a whole in being able to teach you how to be funny. Honestly if I put in all my power and time to try and make your joke funny it would require Einstein himself to build a device to strap me into so I can be connected to the energy of a billion stars to do it, and even then all that joke would get from people is a subtle scuff. You're lucky i still have the slightest of empathy for you after telling that joke otherwise I would have committed every war crime in the book just to prevent you from attempting any humor ever again. We should put that joke in text books so future generations can be wary of becoming such an absolute comedic failure. I'm disappointed, hurt, and outright offended that my precious time has been wasted in my pathetic brain understanding that joke. In the time that took i was planning on helping kids who have been orphaned, but because of that you've wasted my time explaining the obscene integrity of your terrible attempt at comedy. Now those kids are suffering with out meals and there's nobody to blame but you. I hope you're happy with what you have done.

    JeffJeff26 päeva tagasi
  • started watching this video in 2020 now its 2021.. damn ive been watching this video for a year

    Nyoom - ChanNyoom - Chan26 päeva tagasi

    Yuki LovelightYuki Lovelight26 päeva tagasi
  • Bethesda approved

    Hodd TowardHodd Toward27 päeva tagasi
  • 15:45 i mean i dont see a problem here 🤷

    Edgar NelloEdgar Nello27 päeva tagasi
  • 14:35 youre telling me they couldnt come up with something better to write

    Edgar NelloEdgar Nello27 päeva tagasi
  • " Its a bird! I think its a narrator.. No its jack! "

    kim noakeskim noakes27 päeva tagasi
  • Not sure what they think Hebrew is, but that is not it 😅

    Rachel LevensteinRachel Levenstein27 päeva tagasi
  • In 2020 the 4&6ft caskets may be useful

    Rose WolfRose Wolf27 päeva tagasi

    Kitty KatKitty Kat27 päeva tagasi
  • I was confused about the coffins as well. XD

    Calf & CalfCalf & Calf27 päeva tagasi
  • That fanart is amazing! :)

    LliizzzyyLliizzzyy28 päeva tagasi
  • 6:18 that’s a damn good price for some oak if it’s in good condition.

    A-10 WarthogA-10 Warthog28 päeva tagasi
  • My favourite narrator that isn’t a bird and that starts with a j must be FakeJake cuz I can’t think of anybody else

    LordOllsworthLordOllsworth28 päeva tagasi
  • Idk if he purposely said utah wrong or not but i triggered me a little bit also if you said it wrong by accident its pronounced you-tah not oo-tah

    depresso expressodepresso expresso28 päeva tagasi
  • 15:16 Maybe I would accept to have a nice gf who doesn't want sex (I'm asexual) since I meet the criteria of being petit and white, but tickling makes me feel like I'm dying. I don't have a suffering fetish-- it genuinely feels so horrible and makes me feel like I'm gonna die at any moment. So nope...

    moe foxmoe fox29 päeva tagasi
  • i dont follow football but seahawks are a football team in usa.

    Tarah JasmerTarah Jasmer29 päeva tagasi
  • I mean, the candy at 17:30 is probably almost entirely sugar, which theoretically has no expiration date (see also: honey), but I still would NOT want to try a literal 100 year old candy. That shit's older than my great grandma. One of them, anyways.

    AstralNekomimiAstralNekomimi29 päeva tagasi
  • Depending on the quality and type of wood a stump is they can go for far more. Craftsmen use them to make tables and the such and sell them for thousands

    John MonkJohn Monk29 päeva tagasi
  • It only goes for the people who play Resident Evil 7 he's Jack Baker

    Logan GrevaLogan GrevaМісяць tagasi
    • Resident Evil 7 is my favorite game

      Logan GrevaLogan Greva29 päeva tagasi
  • the hebrew in that notebook looks like a child wrote it like actual toddler

    luly lulyankaluly lulyankaМісяць tagasi
  • Yes if you look at this product it's very nice I'm also there's a double do in the background but you know we don't need to pay attention to that that's that's a fun thing in the back you just ignore it it never existed.

    Victorious Dr.ZVictorious Dr.ZМісяць tagasi
  • jack reminds me of faintedsad

    Femboy TamakiFemboy TamakiМісяць tagasi
  • Was he being serious when he said oh-ak-log?

    Dino Slayer600Dino Slayer600Місяць tagasi
  • 13:17 the way he says Duluth

    Tank the BossTank the BossМісяць tagasi
  • *Hit the road, Jack.*

    { `ʀɨӄօ ʏʊʊȶօ` }{ `ʀɨӄօ ʏʊʊȶօ` }Місяць tagasi
  • Hmm kay

    Jimiel BolasaJimiel BolasaМісяць tagasi
  • Wasp Parts. Why?

    Jonathan .TJonathan .TМісяць tagasi
  • Who wants him to say "Jack is back"?

    Sky DragonSky DragonМісяць tagasi
  • I love the way he said “you courageous chicken burritos”

    Darian SellarsDarian SellarsМісяць tagasi
  • As someone interested in Wicca, nothing is funnier than the grimoire because those who actually write grimoires, not only are they not evil, but its not called black magic, just magick (magic with just a c is the fictional magic like in media, while magick with the k at the end is more real, and is mostly Ritual in the religions and cultures that use it.)

    Necromantic 529Necromantic 529Місяць tagasi
  • Actually....that is the right price for giant log pieces like that...the reptile community pays that for small branches in the pet store >

    Dagget ShafferDagget ShafferМісяць tagasi
  • Worn *unwashed* for fetish. Selling a dead girls unwashed panties.

    Fossil DrawsFossil DrawsМісяць tagasi
  • I know Jack is australian, but I get a kick everytime I hear him pronounce my home state of Utah incorrectly. Would love to see him try to pronounce Timpanogos, Ibapah,Tooele,Lehi, La Verkin, Toquerville or Koosheram. Lots of fun names here 😆

    Amberly the HarpyQueenAmberly the HarpyQueenМісяць tagasi
  • As someone who grew up in Knoxville I’m not surprised about the bullet hole freezer being from there🤦‍♀️😂

    Xxo3xXXxo3xXМісяць tagasi
  • Me: I'm depressed Him: that's great Me: I know

    Veronica RolonVeronica RolonМісяць tagasi
  • if you want to go to the hospital faster buy a soda can mask it will not be effective and give you cuts

    Kevin Garcia TejedaKevin Garcia TejedaМісяць tagasi
  • A piece of cheeto is always in every ep of crackhead craigslist

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4everМісяць tagasi
  • that title tho

    CutieSkyCuteCutieSkyCuteМісяць tagasi
  • let the man have his diaper changed

    Blue PlaysBlue PlaysМісяць tagasi
    • Yes!

      Typing ImagineTyping ImagineМісяць tagasi
  • Oak: pronounced oh-ka

    XxMusical HeartbreakxXXxMusical HeartbreakxXМісяць tagasi
  • ... I am in physical pain over Duluth and Mankato. 🤣 Because they are exactly like that.

    Kuraĝa koroKuraĝa koroМісяць tagasi
  • ''Wow! Wow! People are stupid! They're very dumb!'' Jack 2020

    Aine KAYEAine KAYEМісяць tagasi
  • oak log

    UPSIDE DOWN ? !UPSIDE DOWN ? !Місяць tagasi
  • 12:37 wtf c'mon my fellow Northern Utahners or whatever can we all stop becoming deeply in love with ramen instant noodles for one second why

    DragicornsDragicornsМісяць tagasi
  • Guys revenge is nine years old now I feel old

    ChaosChaosМісяць tagasi
  • 8:57 this makes me incredibly uncomfortable because i actually have a (tasteful) mullet...

    CCМісяць tagasi
  • Jack is my favorite..

    Almighty GobhoblinAlmighty GobhoblinМісяць tagasi
  • this is off topic, but do u guys know in harry potter when you get a wand it has like a pheonix feather or unicorn tear of something, yeah, when i got my phone i swear, i got essence of QUEEN ELIZABETH, i have dropped it without its case uncountable times and it only has a few scratches and a crack at the bottom.

    VelociraptorVelociraptorМісяць tagasi
  • when i was a kid we had a blue jean couch... but it was like one piece of solid jean instead of blocks of different colored jeans

    Lauren ChappleLauren ChappleМісяць tagasi
  • I'm no Hebrew expert but even I can tell that's poorly written Hebrew.

    TheAnon03TheAnon03Місяць tagasi